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Pic Of Malia Obama At Sundance Internship Emerges

While Barack and Michelle take a post-presidency breather on dreamy Necker Island, their daughter Malia Obama is hard at work.

The hustling 18-year-old was spotted at her internship on Tuesday, and she looked a little distressed.

Apparently, the teenager is working for Harvey Weinstein's film company before she starts college, and she was spotted in Park City during Sundance Film Festival.

Needless to say, the look on her face pretty much sums up how we felt about every internship we've ever signed up for.

You OK, Malia?

OOF. I wonder what she's actually doing in this photo.

Whether she's on an intern coffee run or assisting the workers at Sundance, the look on her face is all too familiar.

I mean, sheesh, she hasn't even spent one week as a civilian and her colleagues already have her trekking through the snow during work. If that doesn't scream "intern," then I don't know what does.

It'll be OK, though, Malia. Internships aren't supposed to make you smile, and if they did, you'd be doing it wrong.

Regardless of the tired look on her face, the former president's daughter definitely lucked out with this internship.

Harvey Weinstein is a major Hollywood producer, and working alongside him will only add to the previous film experience Malia has under her belt.

She's a go-getter, that's for sure.

This photo comes about a week after news emerged that Malia took an 83-day-trip to Bolivia and Peru.

Apparently, Malia lived with a family in Central Bolivia during this trip and explored the countryside.

Pretty cool, huh?

It seems to me Malia is having a year jam-packed with educational adventures before attending Harvard in the fall... even though her internship might have her a little stressed out.

Hang in there, girl. It only goes up from here!