Barack and Michelle Obama Vacation On Necker Island

Stop what you're doing and just gaze at this magnificent island that's so beautiful it looks like it shouldn't even exist.

It's the post-presidency vacation destination chosen by Barack and Michelle Obama, and while they absolutely deserve a holiday, I couldn't be more jealous.

Necker Island, which sits in the British Virgin Islands, is basically the closest thing to paradise that you'll find on Earth.


It's the honeymoon destination of our dreams — but other than the eye-watering price ($78,000 a night, per Coastal Living) little is known is about the island.

Owned by British entrepreneur Richard Branson, who owns Virgin group, Necker Island is one of the most private and luxurious places in the world.

It's not known how long the Obamas are planning to stay (tough choice between staying there and being governed by President Trump, am I right?) but they can help feed lemurs, flamingos, giant tortoises and iguanas, if they want to.

Either that or they can go for a paddle in the most insanely gorgeous Caribbean Sea or just take in the breathtaking views.

Seriously. Look at how stunning this place is:


The Obamas have made their plans to go off the grid for a while quite clear for some time now — and just look at how relaxed they look in the first picture taken of them as a former president and first lady.

Aww, guys.

Apparently they touched down at an airport in the British Virgin Islands before hopping on a boat to reach the wonderfully secluded Necker Island.

I bet Barack loved that. We miss you, buddy.

Branson treats the island as his own personal getaway, but it has a hotel capable of housing about 30 people. Previous guests include Nelson Mandela, Diana Princess of Wales, Mariah Carey and Robert DeNiro, People reported.

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