These "me on Sept. 1" memes hilariously usher in an early fall.

These Memes About Welcoming Fall On Sept. 1 Hype Cozy Season A Little Early

We’re all Dwight Schrute in a pumpkin head once the calendar flips.

by Lizzy Rosenberg and Collette Reitz
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As is tradition when the calendar flips to September, Twitter users are using the moment to hype an early start to fall. Of course, autumn doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, Sept. 22 (and there are definitely a few more scorching summer days ahead), but that doesn’t stop the hardcore PSL crowd from making fall a ~thing~ a few weeks early. No matter where you stand on the early fall debate, these “me on Sept. 1” memes will have you laughing and maybe even searching for a leaf pile to jump in.

The beginning of fall usually marks cooler weather in most parts of the country and has many people yearning for changing leaf colors, nights spent around the bonfire, and Saturday afternoons soaking up the sun (while bundled up) at a tailgate. And then, obviously, there’s the PSL of it all. You can’t really blame people for craving fall flavors when there are such good options out there like Dunkin’s new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew or Starbucks’ Apple Crisp Macchiato.

No matter when the autumnal equinox actually is or the fact that you can still plan a few beach days before the end of September, die-hard fall stans are ready for chilly temps, pumpkin spice, and all the chunky sweaters your closet can hold — and they’re making their feelings known with some hilarious memes.

Taylor Swift is a v. popular fall vibe for early autumn adopters:

It wouldn’t Sept. 1 if you didn’t completely relate to this scene from The Office where Dwight has a pumpkin on his head:

While some people are hype for fall feels, others just have Halloween on the brain.

While the calls for Halloween to get here ASAP may be a bit premature, people ushering in the fall feels on Sept. 1 actually have some solid reasoning. Even though the fall equinox isn’t for a few weeks, meteorological fall begins on Sept. 1, per the National Centers for Environmental Information. You may be getting iced pumpkin everything for a while, but you do have some ground to stand on, thanks to meteorologists everywhere. And as you wait for the weather to cool down, you can keep yourself entertained with all the fall memes.

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