McDonald’s free McChicken Mercury in Retrograde 2022 deal includes a chance at a tarot reading.

Score Free McChickens And Enter To Win A Tarot Reading To Beat Mercury Retrograde

Even if the vibes are meh, this McChicken is immaculate.

Courtesy of McDonald's

If the vibes feel off, it’s not just you — Mercury enters retrograde on Tuesday, May 10, which means you might have some travel mishaps and technology outages in your future. Luckily, if you’re a Mickey D’s fan, you also have a free sandwich in your future. That’s right, this retrograde SZN, McDonald’s is treating customers to a free McChicken and a chance at a tarot card reading to combat all the mix-ups, setbacks, and faux pas that lie ahead. Here’s how you can fight the bad energy with McDonald’s free McChicken Mercury in retrograde 2022 deal and tarot reading contest.

Mercury retrograde ends on Thursday, June 2, which means there’s plenty of time for things to go wrong until then. Something you can never go wrong with, though, is a McChicken from McDonald’s, especially when it’s free. In honor of the not-so-welcome cosmic shift that took place on Tuesday, McDonald’s is taking the bad vibes and turning them into good vibes only with a free sandwich of your choice and a tarot reading from everyone’s favorite TikTok astrologer. Because even though an easy retrograde is never guaranteed, at least you can make sure yours has a smooth start. Here’s how you can score some karmically-aligned freebies from McDonald’s this retrograde.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Free McChicken & McDouble Mercury Retrograde Deal

Though Mercury retrograde probably isn’t your favorite time of year, it’s not so bad when you can get a free bite out of it. To kick off this upcoming month of mayhem, McDonald’s is treating customers who purchase a Medium Fry to either a free McChicken or McDouble because, well, you deserve it. But you won’t want to wait too long to redeem your free sammy, because the offer is only available from May 10 to May 11. The promo can be found exclusively on the McDonald’s app, so if you see an offer for a free McChicken in your account, don’t worry — it’s not a Mercury retrograde-related glitch.

McDonald’s Tarot Card Reading Contest For 2022

A free sandwich might not be enough to fight the negative energy shift completely, though. Thankfully, McDonald’s is also treating a select few customers to a free tarot reading from TikTok astrologer Madam Adam (AKA @OfficialMadamAdam) on May 10, so that you can get an idea of what’s in store for you this Mercury retrograde and beyond. Here’s how it works.

To enter for your chance to win a reading, you’ll need to comment your name and Zodiac sign under Madam Adam’s TikTok or Instagram posts announcing the contest. You can leave your comment on the post of your choice on May 9, or wait until the astrologer extraordinaire goes live on TikTok on May 10 at 6 PM E.T. to throw your hat in the cosmic ring. Even if you comment ahead of time, you’ll want to make sure you tune into the TikTok live, because that’s when Madam Adam will randomly dish out his readings to two lucky winners.

If you’re looking to earn some good karma this Mercury retrograde, McDonald’s might be a good place to start. Before heading out to grab yours, remember to check CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.