Mark Zuckerberg Announces Second Baby In Adorable FB Post

Get your tissues ready, guys.

Mark Zuckerberg just announced on Facebook he and his wife, Priscilla, are expecting another baby girl!

This is obviously exciting news, but what makes it even better is how much the happy couple truly deserves this.

During their first time around the baby-makin' block, Mark and Priscilla sadly had three miscarriages before they were blessed with their baby girl, Max.

Mark wrote in that Facebook announcement two years ago,

Now, Mark and Priscilla will have not one, but two amazing futures to plan for their baby girls.

I'm already near tears as it is, but we need to talk about how freaking ADORABLE Mark's more recent Facebook announcement was for the new Zucker-baby.

In the post, he wrote,

He continued,

Mark said Priscilla grew up with two sisters of her own, who "taught her the importance of family, caring for others and hard work."

He included childhood pictures of him with his sisters, and Priscilla with her own:


He wrapped up the post, seemingly in the afterglow of the spirit of International Women's Day,

Amen to that.

Congrats, Zuckerberg family!