This photo of Jill Biden and Ketanji Brown Jackson hugging is everything.

This Pic Of Jill Biden And Ketanji Brown Jackson Celebrating Together Is Perfect

The Supreme Court officially has a new Justice.

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It’s official: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was formally welcomed with open arms to the Supreme Court on Sept. 30 in an investiture ceremony attended by President Joe Biden, Vice President Harris, and their spouses. The historic swearing-in was full of highlights, but one of the best moments came when first lady Jill Biden embraced Jackson with a hug that had the new Justice beaming. The wholesome photo was shared by Dr. Biden in a congratulatory tweet on Friday, and it truly captures a heartwarming moment.

It was a long path to get here. Jackson was nominated by President Biden on Feb. 25 to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who had retired. She was then confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 7, and sworn into office on June 30. After a months-long process, the Sept. 30 investiture ceremony finally officially sealed the historic moment of Jackson’s appointment as the first Black woman and the sixth woman ever to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. She’s also the 116th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

It goes without saying that Jackson is deserving of it all. Dr. Jill Biden celebrated the ceremony with Jackson, tweeting, “Congratulations, JUSTICE Ketanji Brown Jackson!” All caps for “JUSTICE.”

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President Biden also congratulated Jackson with a photo of the two of them standing side-by-side. He tweeted that Jackson has brought “uncompromising integrity, a strong moral compass, and courage to the Supreme Court.”

During the ceremony, Jackson sat in the chair that once belonged to Chief Justice John Marshall, at the far left of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. She repeated the oath that she took in her swearing-in in June. The entire ceremony only lasted five minutes, according to The Washington Post, but it was nothing short of momentous.

While there wasn’t time for Jackson to give any remarks, she later spoke at an event at the Library of Congress. “I have a seat at the table now, and I’m ready to work,” Jackson said. She remarked that she was humbled by the praise from young people who see “themselves portrayed in me,” saying that she hears people saying, “We see you, and we are with you.”

A massive congratulations, Justice Jackson!