IHOP's Choco-Pancake will fill the Choco Taco void in your stomach.

IHOP's Choco-Pancake Will Fill The Choco Taco Void In Your Life

You might have to take a road trip to get it.

Courtesy of IHOP

Ice cream lovers recently said goodbye to the Choco Taco, a nostalgic childhood snack from Klondike that was discontinued on July 25. Even though many people admitted they hadn’t eaten a Choco Taco in years, they were still sad to see it go. To help lift the spirits of some lucky customers in one U.S. city, IHOP created their own pancake version of the chocolate treat. The Choco-Pancake will be available for one day only at one location for fans to fill the Choco Taco void in their stomachs.

If you, like seemingly every other Choco Taco stan, haven’t had the treat in a while, let me remind you of its frozen goodness: Think dessert taco, where a waffle shell is filled with vanilla ice cream and dipped in chocolate. Basically it’s like a waffle cone flipped into an even more fun hand-held treat. But now, it’s gone forever.

Enter the Choco-Pancake. “When we heard that an ice cream truck favorite was discontinued earlier this week, we were inspired to produce our own pancake-ified version,” Kieran Donahue, IHOP’s chief marketing officer, said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. The Choco-Pancake is made with one buttermilk pancake and hand-pressed in a waffle iron to get that crispy golden shell. It’s filled with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. The finishing touch is a dollop of whipped cream and a few chocolate chips for that extra chocolatey-ness.

At launch, the Choco-Pancake will only be available for dine-in service on Aug. 1 at the IHOP in Tomball, Texas (22607 Tomball Pkwy, Tomball, TX 7737) for $2.50 each. If you’re near the Choco-Pancake vicinity, you’ll need to let the rest of us know if it’s the real deal. Thankfully, there’s a chance it could expand. In an email to Elite Daily, IHOP said, “There is also potential to show up at other locations this summer!”

It’s not exactly the same as a Choco Taco, but I’ll take what I can get. The OG Choco Taco invented in 1983 contained fudge-swirled vanilla ice cream between a sugar cone taco dipped in a chocolate peanut sauce. Klondike said in a July 28 tweet that there are 912 Choco Tacos left and they are coming up with a plan on what to do with it. In the meantime, if you really want to bring the Choco Taco back, there’s a petition to save the OG treat.