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These memes about the discontinued Choco Taco lovingly roast the treat.

People Have Hilariously Complicated Feelings About The Discontinued Choco Taco

We just loved knowing that soggy mess was an option!

On July 25, Unilever announced it was discontinuing the Choco Taco, 39 after the Klondike dessert was created in 1983.

Fans are already missing the ice cream truck and Taco Bell staple, but these memes about the Choco Taco being discontinued loving roast the not-so-beloved treat.

Known for its folded waffle cone, vanilla ice cream filling, chocolate coating, and peanut toppings, the Choco Taco was a nostalgic treat for many, but word of its cancellation have ice cream fans realizing the dessert taco may have been a better idea in concept than in execution.