Here's how to apply for's Retro Beach Motelier job.

This Sweepstakes Will PAY You To Take The Ultimate Vintage Beach Trip

No time machine required.

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Everyone wants to “release their job” in the summer, but there’s a new travel gig from that might make working through the season worth it. The hotel reservation site is seeking its first-ever “motelier” to travel back in time by visiting the best retro beach motels at across the country. Plus, the job also comes with a massive paycheck — like $5,000-massive — which means you’ll be making money just for hanging at the beach for the rest of the summer. If you’re 21 or older and looking for a new summer gig, here’s how to apply for’s Retro Beach Motelier job.

Get ready to make the beach your office, because as the first official “motelier” for, you’ll be spending your work hours by the sea. The Retro Beach Motelier Contest, which was announced on July 20, is sending one applicant on the journey of a lifetime to stay at the most adorable, cozy, ‘Gram-worthy retro motels by the beach, like the ones that were all over your Tumblr board in 2013 (you know what I’m talking about). If selected, you’ll be provided with an itinerary that includes reservations at the most adorable old-fashioned motels spanning the coasts, like The Pearl Hotel in San Diego and Vagabond Hotel in Miami.

That alone is enough to make me apply, but the excitement doesn’t end there. will also treat the lucky winner to a $10,000 travel stipend in gift cards, and a $5,000 salary on top of that. Yup, you’ll get to live it up by the beach and score a big load of cash for doing it.

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To lean into the 1950s vibe even further, you’ll also be supplied with all the best retro accessories you could possibly want, like high SPF zinc, vintage sunglasses, a cooler, striped umbrellas, and a solar-powered FM/AM radio. Oh, and don’t forget to document your trip for generations to come with a Polaroid camera.

The motelier gig is already unlike any other job out there, but it gets even better, because you don’t have to waste your time writing a cover letter to apply. In fact, the application is only seven questions long, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Here’s how it works.

To throw your name into the Retro Beach Motelier Contest, you’ll need to visit the official contest website, where you’ll be asked to enter your full name, date of birth, and email address (you can also share your IG handle to show off your photography skills, but it’s not required). Then, you’ll need to provide answers for two fill-in-the-blank questions about why retro beach motels are your ideal getaway, and who you would spend your time with if you could go back in time to the 1950s. Each entrant is limited to one submission per person, so don’t forget to make your answers stand out among the rest.

Next, you’ll be asked to accept the contest’s terms and conditions and confirm that you’re over 21, and boom — you’ll be one step closer to scoring the ultimate summer job.

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The search for the new job title begins on Wednesday, July 20 at 12:01 a.m. CT, and ends at Friday, Aug. 5 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Though it may be cutting it close to the end of summer, it still leaves you with plenty of time to find the best retro motels on the coast. The potential winner will receive an email on or around Aug. 12, and, if selected, you must respond within 48 hours to be deemed the winner. To see the full list of terms and conditions, click here.

Thanks to, there’s still time to make summer 2022 unforgettable — and seriously ‘Gram-able. Good luck to all the beach lovers out there, and safe travels.

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