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Here's how to use Instagram's "Add Yours" Story photo feature for fun interactions.

These Viral “Add Yours” IG Prompts Will Make You Want To Hop On The Trend

It’s time to spice up your Story.

by Cianna Garrison and Daffany Chan
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If you haven’t hopped on the Instagram “Add Yours” sticker trend yet, you might be wondering where all those photos and prompts are coming from on your friends’ IG Stories. There are just a few steps you’ll need to follow to join the trend — and when you get started, you might not want to stop. You can also take a look at what some of the most popular “Add Yours” prompts have been on the app to make sure you’re staying up with the latest. It can be a little bit tricky at first, but here’s how to “Add Yours” on Instagram Story to get in on all the photo fun.

The new addition to Instagram Story first began as a test in Japan and Indonesia in early October 2021, and it rolled out globally to all users on Nov. 1, 2021. Even if you've already seen it, you may not understand what the feature is. Basically, the "Add Yours" Story photo feature is a fun prompt, which you find in the sticker section of your IG Story, that users can include to get people to post a picture or video that fits the theme. For example, if one of your friends posts an Instagram Story with the “Add Yours” sticker that reads, "Here's my go-to happy hour sip," you can add a picture of your favorite drink to their Story collection.

When you interact with the sticker, you can view other people’s contributions and add your own. Then, your friend (the poster) can view everyone’s Stories. Before you start sharing, here's everything you'll want to know.

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How To Add Your Photo Or Video To An “Add Yours” Story:

When you find an "Add Yours" prompt in a Story you want to add to, here’s what to do:

  1. Watch the Story and tap the “Add Yours” sticker.
  2. Once you select the sticker prompt, you should see a menu come up that lists everyone who’s contributed so far. You can also watch their Stories with their additions.
  3. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see a blue sticker that says “Add Yours.” Tap on that to create your own.
  4. You can also tap directly on the “Add More” button on the sticker directly on the Instagram Stories camera icon to add your photo or video.
  5. To add your own, you can either take a photo or video using the Stories Camera or choose to upload a photo or video from your phone’s photo gallery.
  6. Once you’re ready to add it in, choose “Share your Story,” which will post your picture to Your Story and the sticker thread.

If your account is set to public, your Story will be viewable to anyone who sees the same “Add Yours” sticker that you posted your update to.

How To Create Your Own “Add Yours” Story:

  1. To start, open your Instagram Story Camera and take a photo or video of your choice.
  2. Then, in the editing mode, tap in the sticker button (the square smiley face icon).
  3. Look for the “Add Yours” sticker near the top of the page. The icon shows up as a white background with an orange and purple.
  4. Once you tap on the sticker, you’ll see the sticker appear on your post with a spot to add a prompt. Type in what you want, or tap the dice icon to do a random prompt, and then tap out of the text box.
  5. Make any necessary finishing touches to your Story and post.
  6. After you’ve published it to your Story, you’ll be able to view everyone who responds by watching your Story and tapping on the sticker.

Popular “Add Yours” Prompts

Some of the most popular Instagram “Add Yours” trends include plenty of throwback prompts, like old photos of yourself/baby/siblings/partner. According to Meta, as of April 26, 2022, the most popular prompts from since late January 2022 included:

  • "It’s national Brother Appreciation Day!!"
  • "Post Youn‘19, ‘20, ‘21, ‘22"
  • "pic of u as a kid that gives off the same vibe as u now "
  • "Where are you mentally, without downloadin new pic"
  • "One photo from today or yesterday; no explanations, go."
  • "No cheating. Take a picture of what’s in front of you right now"
  • "I just like this picture "
  • "Prove that YOUR dog was the cutest puppy EVER"
  • "Put this on ur story and let everyone describe u in 1 word!"

The list is certainly a good place to begin trying out the “Add Yours” trends, since you’ll be contributing to a viral phenomenon with plenty of other user contributions from around the world — and there’s a chance for everyone to get in on the fun. Daisy Edwards, a Meta spokesperson, said in an email to Elite Daily that “the popularity of these Add Yours trends reinforce the spirit of Instagram Stories as a place for our community to easily share what they're into and what they're up to in creative and fun ways.”

Even if you didn’t get to tap in on these prompts, keep your eyes peeled for more fun ones sure to come your way in Stories. Also, keep in mind that when you tap on an “Add Yours” sticker in a Story, it will only show up to 300 people’s photo additions, even though more people may have gotten in on the photo fun. Now that you know how to use the feature, you can be a part of the best virtual chain letter ever.

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