This Genius Trick Will Make Sure You Never Get Holes In Your Leggings Again

by Becca Van Sambeck

Fashion trends are often so painful, the rise of leggings feels like a literal gift from the gods.

Unlike high heels or skintight crop tops, leggings are comfy as hell. They can work in any situation, whether it's hitting the gym, hitting the hay or – with proper styling – hitting the bar.

Yeah, it's no secret why we women are having a very deep love affair with our leggings. But like many passionate romances, it feels like leggings are betraying us in a very real way.

You know what I'm talking about: Those holes that pop up by the top of your inner thighs, seemingly out of nowhere.


These holes are unsightly and render a pair of leggings basically useless. Also, leggings shockingly aren't that cheap, especially when you have to replace them every few months because a hole is spreading right by the crotch.

However, there's a surprisingly simple cure for our leggings woes.


Scotchgard Fabric Protector (2-pack), $19, Amazon 

Yes, *Scotchgard* is our blessed savior in these horrifying situations.

The reason we get these holes is friction. The top of our fabric-clad thighs rub together all day, and the resulting friction wears away at the fabric of the leggings.

The fabric weakens and eventually falls apart, thus creating the dreaded holes.

That's where Scotchgard comes in. Scotchgard is a very awesome fabric protector. Typically, people use it because it repels stains.

However, since it'll naturally lubricate the threads of your pants, it'll decrease the friction that's causing your pants to wear out.

Basically, spray the Scotchgard all over the upper thigh regions of your leggings. They will now have a smoother and more slidey finish, preventing the pant legs from rubbing against each other and creating gaping holes.

You can get Scotchgard for less than $10, which is less than half the price of a nice new pair of leggings.

You're welcome, everyone!

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