Guy Live-Streaming Storm Is Way Too Casual About Insane Lightning Encounter

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A blogger named Nick Griemsmann decided that a thunderstorm was the perfect time to start Periscoping himself.

“I'M LIKE A WEATHER REPORTER! I NEED A MICROPHONE!” he shouts with pure glee, as he stands outside with the world raging around him.

He keeps up this schtick for a while, until he is literally almost smited by Zeus himself. A white hot spear of pure energy lands literally a few feet away from him.


He drops his phone. But other than that, he seems completely unfazed by his brush with the cosmic executioner.

His reaction to almost dying is as follows:

So apparently, live-streaming videos makes you fearless. It apparently anesthetizes whatever part of your brain fears death.

Think of all the things this guy could accomplish if he just live-streamed himself the whole time. Without fear, he could climb Mount Everest, run with the bulls or even tell his boss to go fuck himself.

Oh, and by the way, let me remind you what it looks like when lightning hits a telephone pole:

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This guy was so close to being vaporized.