Fruity Lucky Charms Are An Updated Treat For Your Saturday Morning Snacking

There's no comfort food quite like a bowl of milk and cereal. If you were a '90s kid, your cereal faves probably included names like cocoa puffs, frosted flakes, corn pops, or my personal all-time fave, Lucky Charms. If you also stan this leprechaun-themed breakfast food, you'll be excited to hear that General Mills has released a new iteration of the cereal and Fruity Lucky Charms are the updated Saturday morning treat you've been waiting for.

Fruity Lucky Charms is sold in a magenta box and features Lucky the Leprechaun's iconic cereal-and-marshmallow filled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Though you'll still get your classic rainbow, shooting star, and heart-shaped marshmallows in every box, the cereal itself will be a little different. Fruity Lucky Charms are updated to be, well, fruity! Your bowl might look a little brighter too, since the cereal is a bright red instead of the classic brown. Though no fruit is specified, you could guess that the cereal is meant to taste like some kind of berry or cherry due to its reddish-pink color.

Fruity Lucky Charms, which was introduced in early 2019, can be found at Walmart for $3.64 a box. The Walmart website describes the product as "The marshmallows you know and love, with fruity-flavored cereal pieces." Yes, please!

The fun doesn't stop there. Lucky Charms lovers can also find Fruity Lucky Charms in resealable bags for more flexible storage options and a lower chance of your cereal getting stale in the container. The bags retail at $6.29 at Target.

Adding fruity flavor to Lucky Charms is the latest change the cereal has undergone in recent years. Back in November 2018, General Mills blessed the Lucky Charms-lovers with Chocolatey Winter Lucky Charms, a limited edition winter box containing chocolate cereal and marshmallows in snowman and snowflake shapes. In early 2018, General Mills also announced it would retire the hourglass marshmallow (gasp!) and asked users on social media to vote for what would take its place. The winner was a white and purple unicorn, which can be seen in the new Fruity Lucky Charms cereal as well as regular boxes of Lucky Charms.

Fruity Lucky Charms isn't the only new cereal General Mills has added to its portfolio in recent months. At the end of 2018, the company released Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros and Chocolate Toast Crunch, both variations on another '90s cereal favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Excuse me while I go buy one of each.

If you're an adult who likes the Lucky Charms taste but doesn't quite devour cereal like you used to, I have some more good news for you. A new beer from Smartmouth brewing is made with dehydrated cereal marshmallows and tastes a lot like Lucky Charms. The beer, which is called the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA, is sure to satisfy any childhood cravings you may have, but with an adult spin.

So whether you're devouring a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast or drinking something that tastes like it but is 21+, there's no denying the power this breakfast cereal has over our lives. Happy snacking!