These fireplace Zoom backgrounds include the coziest scenes.

26 Fireplace Zoom Backgrounds With Cozy Cabins And Modern Aesthetics

Grab your fuzzy socks, and get on a call.

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Once the winter weather hits, you may want to switch up your virtual space with a cozy background. Whatever you've got planned for the holiday season and beyond, you can easily transform your calls by swapping out your old background for a virtual fireplace, no logs required. If you need some inspiration, grab your hot chocolate and check out these fireplace Zoom backgrounds.

Winter months wouldn't be anything without cozy aesthetics, chunky sweaters, and warm beverages to keep you nice and toasty. While a virtual fireplace background for winter isn't the same as sitting in front the real thing, it's a close second that'll elevate your calls with a warm glow. From modern spaces to crackling fires, these fireplace Zoom backgrounds will instantly bring some winter warmth to your screen.

You can get most of these backgrounds from royalty-free image services such as Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash, as well as home decor blogs such as Havenly's Hideaway blog and The Hallmark Channel's website. To use them, download the image to your computer or right-click on the image from its blog site to save. Once you've downloaded your chosen image, open Zoom and click Settings > Backgrounds & Filters. Then, tap the plus sign (+) on the virtual background tab to upload your image.

If you're ready to get cozy, pull on your fuzzy socks and check out these fireplace Zoom backgrounds.

1. Modern Fireplace

This background from Havenly features a modern mid-century living room, complete with a pretty fireplace and a mantle decorated with stockings and candles.


2. Stockings By The Fire

Chat in front of a large stone fireplace background decorated for Christmas with a row of stockings, plus a decorated tree to the right.

Linda Hinton/Unsplash

3. Cozying Up To the Fire

Warm up in front of a freshly lit fire with this close-up fireplace background from Unsplash.

Matias T/Unsplash

4. Winter Down Time

This fireplace Zoom background features a cozy quilted chair with a brick fireplace to the right and a notebook and a steaming cup of tea on the table.

Rafael Leão/Unsplash

5. Ornate Fireplace

This virtual background features a unique space with dark walls and vintage beige furniture surrounding a black ornate fireplace. Inside the fireplace are some lit candles.

Sand Atkinson/ Pexels

6. Holiday Fireplace

This background from West Elm features a modern white fireplace with a cute village on top of the mantle and a holiday table.

West Elm

7. Eclectic-Modern Fireplace

This fireplace background from Unsplash features a black electric fireplace tucked away in the corner of a bright white and brown room.

Rune Enstad/Unsplash

8. Retro-Modern Fireplace

Hang out in front of an eclectic fireplace background with green tiles and a sleek black front with wood storage underneath, which complements the room's retro-modern style.


9. Family Living Room

Sit in a cozy family living room with a marble coffee table, white chairs, and a fireplace with this background from Pexels.

Alex Qian/Pexels

10. Nighttime By The Fire

Enjoy a chill night in because this fireplace background features a brick fireplace with a fresh fire and two pretty metal holders.

Stéphane Juban/Unsplash

11. Holiday Stone Fireplace

This holiday fireplace background from the Hallmark Channel has a mantel decorated with a garland and stockings "hung by the chimney with care."

The Hallmark Channel

12. Fireplace With Twinkle Lights

This fireplace background from Pexels shows a little black metal fireplace in the corner of a room, with a string of lights on the wall.

Taryn Elliott/Pexels

13. Illustrated Holiday Fireplace

With a brick wall, a red brick fireplace, and a mantel with red and green candles, this virtual background will make you so merry.


14. Rustic Living Room Fireplace

This rustic fireplace background features a black metal modern-vintage fireplace, lights and a wooden ladder in the corner, and gray wicker furniture.

Dagny Walter/Pixabay

15. Dog By The Fireplace

Featuring a modern-vintage fireplace, this background from Unsplash puts a doggo front and center as it rests in front of the warm fire.

Flynn Edwards/Unsplash

16. Sleek Apartment Fireplace

This monochromatic apartment features a sleek black fireplace with a black and white rug and wooden details.

Andrea Davis/Unsplash

17. Popcorn and Hot Chocolate

This fireplace background features a red blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire.


18. Cozy Living Room Fireplace

This cozy fireplace background from The Hallmark Channel has a rustic feel and might remind you of a winter cabin rental.

The Hallmark Channel

19. Modern Fireplace Aesthetic

This sleek, modern fireplace background features a nice view of a burning fire and a stack of wood to keep you warm all winter.

Enrique Hoyos/Pexels

20. Winter Dining Room

This modern dining room includes a white fireplace and a comfy white chair, making for the perfect spot to lounge with a cup of hot chocolate.


21. Retro Fireplace

Feel like you’re cozied up by a retro fireplace with this Zoom background that features a pretty roaring fire.


22. Backyard Fireplace

This pretty backyard fireplace background will make you feel cozy and warm no matter how cold it is outside.


23. Blue Room Fireplace

This gray-blue living space features a pretty fireplace mantel and a warm fire.


24. Stone Fireplace With Gold Decor

This fireplace background for Zoom features a rustic stone surround and gold decor for a sophisticated look.

Clay Banks/Unsplash

25. White Stockings By The Fireplace

This minimalist fireplace background features a trio of white knit stockings hung on the mantel.

Genevieve Rusnac/Unsplash

26. Cute Cabin Fireplace

This wood cabin background features a black fireplace, a chair to sit in, and pretty lights that make it feel so cozy.

Hans Isaacson/Unsplash

These fireplace Zoom backgrounds are the perfect start to your cozy calls, so don’t forget your fave seasonal sip before logging on.

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