This Family's Selfie Got Photobombed By A 'Ghost' And It's Seriously Creepy

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Now, you can believe in ghosts or not, but if you're not scared of them, you have no imagination whatsoever.

Emma Johns, 35, from Liverpool, was just trying to take a nice selfie and her family found themselves getting photobombed by a translucent spirit (that, or a plume of vape smoke).

Here is the creepazoid picture in question.

Mercury Press

Some people say it's a fake, which I won't weigh in on (I try not to get too political) — although what motivation does this lady have to photoshop a ghost into a photograph with her baby? Attention? I feel like having three small children is all the attention one could possibly want.

Mercury Press

Emma Johnson said they didn't notice the creepy photograph until she got home, which is went she went into excuse overdrive.

We've had to hide it from the kids in case they are scared so we have just told them that it is an advert for "Ghostbusters" but my eldest is starting to cotton on now.

She went on to muse on the possible backstory of said ghost girl:

Because the cinema is right near the sea, I don't know if it is of a little girl who drowned or something like that, but no one has mentioned any incidents like that just yet.

But that's just conjecture, of course. We were not able to reach the ghost for comment.

Mercury Press

Now, ghosts are either not real or extremely good at showmanship.

I mean, think about how difficult it must be to always be peeking out from behind corners and crossing hallways and always knowing exactly where the bathroom mirror will be reflecting when it is swung closed.

Although, to be fair, I guess they do get a lot of practice, considering they are, you know, eternal. In fact, maybe the ghosts that get caught on camera are new ghosts and they all get savagely made fun of by the other, more experienced, doper ghosts.

If this post has offended any ghosts, I sincerely apologize. I am terrified of you and I live alone. Please do not haunt me. Also, how are you reading this? Do ghosts have the internet? And if so, is it called the World Wide Cobweb?

...Ugh, that joke was so bad I almost passed out.