These Buddy the Elf Zoom backgrounds include so many iconic moments.

20 Elf Zoom Backgrounds With So Many Iconic Scenes

“You sit on a throne of lies.”

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It's been almost two decades since Buddy the Elf first taught us the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, but the 2003 classic still boasts some of the most iconic holiday movie moments. Luckily, you don't have to journey through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, and through the Lincoln Tunnel to bring some of the magic of the North Pole into your own life. With a little help from these 20 Elf Zoom backgrounds, you can treat every day like Christmas from the comfort of your computer screen.

With December here, updating your Zoom background to feature Buddy the Elf is a festive (and hilarious) way to celebrate on all your virtual calls. These Elf Zoom backgrounds include scenes set in Santa's workshop in the North Pole and New York City’s iconic holiday decor. From that infamous raccoon hug attempt in the park to ice skating with Jovie and all the Elf fun in between, there are so many screenshot-worthy moments to snag as your background for your next Zoom happy hour. Whether or not you take a cue from Buddy and start "singing loud for all to hear" is up to you, but these memorable scenes from Elf are a good way to start leaning into the magic of the holiday season.

1. Buddy At School

This hilarious scene of Buddy sitting alongside his elf classmates shows he's struggling to fit in at the North Pole.

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2. Buddy Testing Toys

Buddy's wince when he's forced to see whether a jack-in-the-box works is everything.

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3. Buddy Sitting On Papa Elf's Lap

Papa Elf helps Buddy come to terms with his identity.

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4. "Does Someone Want A Hug?"

Buddy's failed attempt to hug a raccoon might be one of the most meme-worthy moments from the entire movie.

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5. Buddy Rides The Escalator

Buddy's first trip to the mall is a hilarious exploration, but one of the funniest moments is his escalator ride. His face, due to his uncomfortable lunge, is so perfect.

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6. Santa's Throne

Pre-"you sit on a throne of lies," Buddy was more than happy hanging out in Santa's winter wonderland.

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7. Buddy Reveals Gimbels’ Santa Is An Imposter

Buddy takes Christmas very seriously and is very offended when Gimbels' Santa Claus is a fake. He insults the department store Santa and utters the infamous line, "You sit on a throne of lies," before ripping off Santa’s fake beard.

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8. Buddy Meets Walter

Buddy is so excited to meet Walter Hobbs, his biological father, but when he does, Hobbs thinks he's delusional. As he’s whispering with his secretary to get rid of Buddy, Buddy leans in and says “I like to whisper, too.”

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9. Hanging Out With Caroline

While it's a brief moment in the film, Buddy's interaction with Caroline in the doctor's office is notable because she seems like the first person who isn't surprised or skeptical when he tells her who he really is.

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10. Walter & Emily Hobbs' Home Is Transformed

Walter and Emily Hobbs come home to find Buddy made it into a winter wonderland, complete with paper garlands, snowflakes, and a very intricate gingerbread house.

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11. Buddy Guzzles Soda

Buddy confuses everyone in the Hobbs family during their first dinner together, especially when he drinks an entire liter of soda without coming up for air.

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12. Buddy's Pasta Breakfast Scene

In keeping with the elves' four main food groups — candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup — Buddy decides to make a breakfast spaghetti for his new family.

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13. Buddy's Epic Snowball Fight

Buddy surprises everyone, including Michael, when he proves he has some snowball tricks up his sleeve.

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14. Buddy Shows Off His Dance Moves

Buddy manages to make his brief foray into the corporate world a jolly one by getting all the employees riled up by his dance moves. If that's not Friday end-of-workday energy, I don't know what is.

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15. Buddy Shows Jovie The World's “Best” Cup Of Coffee

Buddy really thinks this NYC spot has the world's best cup of coffee because of the sign in the window. On his date with Jovie, he takes her there to taste it.

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16. Jovie Kisses Buddy While Ice Skating

Buddy gives Jovie a peck on the cheek and quickly apologizes, but she says he "missed." Their first kiss on the ice skating rink is a sweet, wholesome moment.

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17. New York City At Night

Buddy is staring pensively at the NYC skyline when he sees Santa's sleigh coming towards the city from a distance.

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18. Santa's Sleigh Going Through New York City

One of the most action-packed sequences in the film, Santa and Buddy have a very chaotic sleigh ride through some of the most iconic parts of the Big Apple.

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19. Buddy Reading His Book

This scene, which shows Buddy as a published author, takes it back to the beginning of the movie and shows just how far he's come.

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20. Jovie Has Her Own Elf Outfit

The final scene of the movie shows Buddy living happily ever after in the North Pole with a new baby and Jovie, who's rocking a matching pink and red outfit.

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These are just some of Elf's countless iconic scenes, so try a few of these out or re-watch the holiday classic to find some Zoom-worthy gems of your own.

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