Apple's iOS 13 update was bad news for iPhone 6 owners.

Apple’s iOS 13 Update Left Out Some Older iPhones

It might be time for an upgrade.

by Daffany Chan
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You can find the most recent information about iPhone compatibility with iOS updates here for iOS 14, which launched in September 2020, and here for iOS 15, which launch in fall 2021.

Whenever Apple unveils a new update, it's so exciting. The new features are always super cool and fun to navigate. Not to mention they have an amazing ability to make life easier by streamlining your daily life, whether it's through innovating the Maps app or enhancing the camera. When Apple unveiled the iOS 13 operating system in August 2019, it was bad news for people with older iPhone models. If you haven’t updated your operating system in a while, you might wonder: Does Apple's iOS 13 update work on iPhone 6? Here's the lowdown on the Apple iOS 13 update affected users with an iPhone 6.

The iOS 13 update introduced new capabilities like Dark Mode and faster Face ID. The key features of iOS 13 undoubtedly improved the iPhone experience. In addition to easier phone visibility at night with Dark Mode, iOS 13 introduced updates for photo editing, new Memoji options, and privacy enhancements.

But not every iPhone user was included in the update. The iOS 13 system left out certain iPhone models, including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, the oldest devices that did support the iOS 13 operating system were the iPhone SE, 6S, and 6S Plus.


If you're still using your iPhone 6, rest assured that your device will still work, but your iOS update days are pretty much over. If you've got no problem with that, then keep rockin' that iPhone 6 in style. For loyal Apple fans who can't wait to revamp their phone with the new operating system, you'll just have to upgrade to a newer model of the iPhone.

Thankfully, Apple gives users a chance to buy the newest iPhone models every fall, so keep an eye out for any and all iPhone updates come September.

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