The iPhone 13 line is rumored to be released in September 2021.

The iPhone 13 Is Rumored To Feature Portrait Mode Video & This Big Camera Change

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While there are still months to go until the launch of the next iPhone model, which is presumed to be called the iPhone 13, the internet is buzzing about the rumored iPhone 13 features that are expected to accompany the smartphone line. From Portrait mode video capabilities to a slightly different texture on the iPhone's body, here are all the big updates numerous leakers and Apple insiders have teased. Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on the reported iPhone 13 features, but did not hear back at the time of publication. This post will continue to be updated as more features are reported and confirmed.

Release Date

With the iPhone 13 predicted to be released in September 2021 in keeping with Apple's schedule for previous smartphone launches (save for 2020), YouTuber Filip Koroy of EverythingApple Pro and Apple leaker Max Weinbach decided to give fans a preview of what you can reportedly expect with the new devices in mid-February 2021 — and according to them, there are several major switch-ups. As of publication, Apple did not respond to Elite Daily's inquiry about the iPhone 13 release date.

iPhone 13 Design

According to MacRumors, users can expect four different devices that range from 5.4-inches to 6.1-inches and 6.7-inches, which the "Pro" designs falling on the larger end. Design-wise, Weinbach said the iPhone 13 line will reportedly feature a "more grippy textured back that will be slightly more comfortable [to hold]" instead of the matte, smooth texture that current iPhone users are used to.

While previous rumors that surfaced in December 2019 suggested that one of the iPhone 13 models would feature a design without a charging port, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple has no plans to make all charging and data transfers wireless until MagSafe accessories are more mainstream.

iPhone 13 Display

Weinbach reportedly confirmed the iPhone 13 Pro will feature an always-on display where the lock and battery charge symbols will always be visible on the lock screen, a feature that fans might know from the Apple Watch Series 6.

Weinbach, who said notifications will pop up temporarily like normal on the lock screen, said the always-on display won't be as bright as the screen you're currently used to and called it a "dimmed-down lock screen."

iPhone 13 Camera

Apple will also be continuing to upgrade its smartphone line's camera arsenal. For one, Weinbach reported that "Portrait video is finally happening," and thanks to the Apple A15 bionic chip, users will also be able to "change the depth of field in post" after recording a Portrait video.

Last but not least, Apple reportedly plans to up the ante on the ultra-wide camera lens with a new sensor and lens for all iPhone 13 models in addition to rolling out automatic astrophotography mode. The popular feature, which will automatically turn on when you point the camera at the sky, will reportedly turn on long exposure to help you capture the best images even in low-light settings.

Only time will tell whether these rumors actually materialize, but judging from some of these leakers' track records, it wouldn't be surprising if you see at least some of these features in Apple's newest generation of iPhones.

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