Disneyland's Avengers Campus is serving up the coolest menu.

Disney's Avengers Campus Is Stocked With So Many Boozy Sips & Epic Eats

I see you, hard seltzer and mini beer flights.

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Disneyland is getting a little more magical with the opening of an Avengers Campus in the heart of California Adventure Park — and there are so many on-theme bites and sips to keep you fed and hydrated like a superhero. Disneyland's Avengers Campus food and drink offerings include everything from a Pingo Doce soda to a Particle Fizz hard seltzer so you can really lean into the spirit of the new campus. All you need is your very own Infinity Gauntlet (which you can get, BTW), and you’ll be ready to channel your inner Iron Man during your visit.

Visitors with superhero appetites are in luck, because the new Avengers Campus, which opens Friday, June 4, is pulling out all the stops, and you can score items of the epic menu in four different places: Pym Test Kitchen, Pym Tasting Lab, Shawarma Palace, or Terran Treats. Arguably the most exciting offering is a glass of lime green Pingo Doce soda, which you can purchase from the Pym Test Kitchen. It might not have the same properties as the guarana-based energy drink from The Incredible Hulk and Ant Man, but it’ll definitely keep you hydrated and energized as you tour the new land. While you’re in the Test Kitchen, check out the Proton PB&J Punch, a non-alcoholic pink sip with whipped cream topping.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Other sips of note include the Particle Fizz hard seltzers at the Pym Tasting Lab. They come in different seasonal flavors and are served up in beaker-style glasses, which you can take home as a souvenir for an extra cost.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

The Lab will also offer pint-sized mini beer flights (which come in an enlarged ruler you can take home) as well as a selection of beer cocktails.

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Craving something sweet? You’ll want to head to the food cart Terran Treats (which is headed by the Collector, Taneleer Tivan, of course) near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

The Cosmic Cream Orb, which is a cream puff paired with a whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse, and the Sweet Spiral Ration (a colorful spiraled churro) promise to taste just as good as they look, and they act as the perfect accessories for the inevitable Avengers Campus ‘Gram or TikTok you’ll be taking. You can check out the full list of food and beverages on the Disney Parks blog.

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It’s not all just bites and sips, though. You’ll also be able to purchase souvenirs like your very own Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet (!!!), so it’s safe to say you’ll be getting the full Marvel-verse experience during your visit to the Avengers Campus.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Keep in mind that as of May 2021, Disneyland is only open to California residents, meaning you’ll need to live in the Golden State to visit the Avengers Campus for the foreseeable future.

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