Deadly Snake Caught Inches From Unsuspecting 2-Year-Old In Terrifying Pic

by Harley Tamplin
Bianca Dickinson/Social Media


If you're terrified of snakes, this picture is definitely going to send a shiver down your spine.

It shows the moment a highly venomous snake photobombed a cute toddler, who was standing inches away, blissfully unaware of its presence.

Bianca Dickinson

NOPE. NUH-UH. Get out of there, little girl!

Molly, 2, was standing at the bottom of her family's driveway in Kaniva, Australia, where horrifying, massive snakes are common.

In an Instagram post, the little girl's mother, Bianca Dickinson, said she saw something moving but thought it was bark falling from a tree — until she saw the snake slither past Molly.

She wrote,

She didn't even notice it thankfully and is totally fine, I still haven't recovered! When I got home I was telling the older kids how big the snake was as they were in the vicinity too and one of them asked me if I got a pic of it. I didn't know it at the time but yes I did! It's still making me sick looking at this.

Molly was quickly whisked away from danger by her mother, who didn't realize she actually caught the snake on camera until she looked at the photos afterward.

And the sly thang was throwing some major side-eye, of course.

Bianca Dickinson

The snake was more than two meters long and may have been an eastern brown or king brown snake, she told ABC.

She added she had checked the area for hazards, and assumed it would be too cold for snakes — proving they'll stop at nothing to scare the living crap out of humans.

Dickinson told ABC,

All my instincts wanted to run and pick her up and scream and run away. I stayed still, and luckily so did she, and it just slithered off.

Props to this mom, because I'd be freaking out if it was my kid in touching distance of a poisonous snake.

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