Chipotle's Watermelon Limeade sounds like summer in a glass.

Chipotle’s Watermelon Limeade Is Literally A Summer Party In Drink Form

I know what I’m ordering with my next burrito bowl.

by Daffany Chan

Summer is all about kickin’ back by the pool or on the beach, and after sweating it out in the great outdoors, all you want is an ice cold sip. If you’re looking for a quintessential summer drink, Chipotle’s Watermelon Limeade has got you covered. You can probably tell by its name that this seasonal offering is literally packed with all your favorite flavors of summer. The new drink dropped nationwide on June 9, and it’s a sweet and sour blend of watermelon and lime that will pair perfectly with your favorite burrito bowl — after all, the special recipe was created to complement the Chipotle ingredients you know and love.

Chipotle’s new Watermelon Limeade is the chain’s first-ever seasonal sip, according to a June 9 press release, and it certainly sounds like summer in a glass. Lucky Chipotle stans got a taste of the drink when it was tested in 2021 in select cities, but if you missed out, now’s your chance. Watermelon Limeade is available at Chipotle locations across the country for a limited time, and it’s a bright and fruity combo that balances the sweetness of watermelon with real lime. Created as a collab with farmer-founded Tractor Beverage Co., the certified organic drink is made with all-natural ingredients — watermelon, lime, cane sugar, and water — without additives or preservatives.

Of course, a visit to Chipotle most likely includes a burrito or bowl (although after you get a sip of the Watermelon Limeade, it might be reason enough for a Chipotle run). When you’re going for the whole meal, though, you’re in for a treat because Chipotle teamed up with Tractor Beverage to make sure the drink’s recipe complements Chipotle’s 53 food ingredients — so you can rest assured your go-to order at the chain will pair perfectly with the summery sip.


You can order Watermelon Limeade as a fountain drink for a limited time through dine-in or take-out on Chipotle’s organic beverage menu, which also includes Tractor's Lemonade, Mandarin Agua Fresca, and Berry Agua Fresca. And since Watermelon Limeade is all about the freshest ingredients that come from the farm, Chipotle is donating 5% of profits from each one of the new sips sold to causes that support farmers. Doing good and drinking good? Count me in.