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This Bud Light Next review will give you all the details on its taste, flavor, and where to buy the ...

Here's What Bud Light's New 0-Carb Beer Actually Tastes Like

You might confuse it for a seltzer at first glance.

Courtesy Of Anheuser-Busch

Bud Light will have you doing a double-take the next time you reach for a slim can. The company brewed up a new take on its light beer — Bud Light Next — and you’ll find this zero-carb beer in the same kind of can you enjoy your Bud Light Seltzers from. Anheuser-Busch unveiled new Bud Light Next on Jan. 27, and you’ll be able to try the sip for yourself so soon. If you need to know what this light beer tastes like before you can get your hands on it, this Bud Light Next review reveals all the details, including flavor profiles, where to buy the beer, and why it’s in that slim can.

Bud Light Next will begin rolling out Feb. 7, and it promises a different sipping experience than the brand’s other beers. Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz gave the new beer a taste ahead of its launch, and you might be surprised by what popped in this zero-carb beer — ya know, since fewer carbs can mean less flavor. For comparison, Bud Light has 6.6 carbs per 12-ounce can.

Leading up to the release, the company worked on more than 130 prototypes over 10 years before landing on the perfect Bud Light Next brew, according to Paul Scholz, Bud Light’s Senior Director of Innovation & Extensions. Oh, and it’s making history as Bud Light’s only zero-carb beer. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest (and lightest) Bud Light heading to store shelves soon.


With a 4% ABV and zero carbs per 12-ounce can, Reitz says Bud Light Next is refreshing and “noticeably lighter than a regular Bud Light,” which is a given. She also notes a “citrusy undertone” she didn’t expect. Overall, she says you’re definitely getting a very light, sessionable beer that’s not totally lacking in flavor.


Per Scholz, Bud Light Next has a “brightness that comes from the citrus element” and “a layer of that sweetness, maltiness, and bitterness of a light lager,” making for an overall light flavor.



“[Bud Light Next was] born in a very similar way to Bud Light, but with some changes in the process along the way that helped bring it down to zero carbs,” says Scholz. The ingredients in the sip are also similar to the OG, but there are some differences. Bud Light Next is a combination of malted barley, rice, and water, while the citrus notes — something you won’t find in Bud Light — are achieved through a combination of hops and natural flavors.

Slim Can:

Courtesy Of Anheuser-Busch

Unlike other Bud Light beers, Bud Light Next comes in a 12-ounce slim can, similar to the brand’s Bud Light Seltzer lineup. The slim can was chosen to make the offering stand out from OG Bud Light and other Bud Light offerings while still sporting a similar color story, so you know you’re grabbing a beer off the shelf.

As the lightest Bud Light, the slim can also helps indicate you’re getting a lighter sip, since the taller cans have become synonymous with lighter hard seltzers.

Where To Buy:

Once Bud Light Next releases Feb. 7, if you’re 21 or older, you’ll be able to get it in a 6- or 12-count pack nationwide wherever Bud Light is sold.


Bud Light Next sell for a similar price as the rest of the Bud Light beer lineup, which is typically around $9.99 to $14.99 per 12-count pack, depending on location and variety.


If you can’t imagine enjoying a Bud Light Next without an NFT to go with it (LOL), you’re in luck. The Bud Light N3XT Collection features 12,722 unique tokens with colors from the can and “celebrates the passion points of today’s 21+ consumers,” per a Bud Light press release. Bud Light Next NFT owners will have a say in what’s next (pun intended) in Bud Light NEXT merchandise as well as get access to exclusive events. If that’s your thing, the Bud Light Next NFTs will go on sale Feb. 6 for $399 per token.

Before you head to the store to get some Bud Light, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.