Here are the best Zoom backgrounds to give your home a virtual makeover.

These Zoom Home Backgrounds Are Like Virtual Makeovers For Your Space

Your dream office is just a few clicks away.

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Zoom meetings are here to stay, and as you sign on for your fifth call of the day, you might want to switch up your surroundings with a sleek digital background that transports you to a totally different space. Whether you're on a call in a messy bedroom or chilling on the couch, you can virtually change up where you are in a couple of clicks by swapping out your physical backdrop for a digital one. That's where the best Zoom backgrounds come in handy to give your home a virtual makeover in an instant.

You’ve probably been using Zoom’s virtual background feature for a while, but if you’re new to it, it’s easy to start. First, make sure you have Zoom version 4.6.0 or higher on your Mac or PC computer, or if you're using the app version for iOS with an iPhone or Android, you phone needs to be an 8 or later. After you have everything set up, sign into your Zoom account.

You can change your virtual background in a meeting or from the homepage. Go to Settings and click on the Virtual Background tab. Then, click the plus (+) sign and upload your high resolution image. Zoom suggests using images or videos from royalty-free image services, such as Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.

While a lot of people are uploading whatever they want into this background generator, one of the most ways to have the most fun of the feature is to find photos of your dream home. There are a lot of home interior companies sharing gorgeous virtual room backgrounds including some from Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, and Behr paint. You can download many of these directly from company blog posts, or you can download the images right from this post. It may not be an HGTV marathon, but you can still get a little home makeover rush with any of these backdrops.

1. Sunroom

This sunroom backdrop from Behr features a chic blue wall, a retro rattan chair, and a bohemian hammock.

Courtesy of Behr

2. Outdoor Living

Some of us may not even have an outdoor patio, let alone a gorgeous ocean view — but this background for Zoom can help you imagine that lifestyle.


3. Jewel-Toned Living Room

This chic apartment background features deep jewel tones with its hunter green couch, navy blue walls, and fuchsia accent chair.

The Bash

4. Bright Apartment

Is your living room a bit too messy to serve as an ideal backdrop for your next Zoom call? Don't worry — West Elm has you covered with the sunniest living room setup.

Landon Vonderschmidt/West Elm

5. Standout Chandelier

This Williams-Sonoma living room is something out of a dream, with a statement piece chandelier and a relaxing palette.

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

6. Modern Loft

This loft background from West Elm is a clean mix of industrial and modern

Landon Vonderschmidt/West Elm

7. Chic Dining Room

This chic dining room background for Zoom designed by Behr will have you feeling right at home.

Courtesy of Behr

8. Bright White With A Pop Of Color

This Williams-Sonoma virtual background is chic and eclectic.

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

9. Boho Chic Dining Room

This light and airy space from The Bash looks like the perfect spot to hangout or enjoy a convo over some sips with rattan chairs and tropical touches throughout.

The Bash

10. Moana-Inspired Living Room

This Moana-inspired living room designed by Modsy has a fresh, tropical feel.


11. Moody Study

Behr's virtual study background will upgrade your chats with a pleasant alcove space and a calming dark green color scheme.

Courtesy of Behr

12. Plant-Filled Living Room

You can get this plant-filled living room background via Bloomscape's Twitter.

Courtesy of Bloomscape

13. Belle-Inspired Bedroom

Who wouldn't want a living room inspired by a Disney princess? This Beauty and the Beast-themed virtual background is a blend of modern and traditional.


14. Copper Accent Living Room

This modern living space background from Williams-Sonoma brings together white, blue, natural wood, and copper, but the best part is the view of all the outdoor greenery.

Courtesy of Williams-Sonona

15. Beachside Living Room

This calming outdoor living room space from Serena & Lily captures beach vibes with wicker furnishings, plenty of palms, and, of course, the beach.

Serena & Lily

16. A-Frame House

This gorgeous vintage-inspired A-frame house in the woods from West Elm will capture everyone’s attention.

West Elm

17. Organized Closet Space

This pretty closet space from The Container Store’s virtual backgrounds looks like a dream come true. With an acrylic desk in the center of well-organized cabinets and shelves, you’ll want to take all your meetings from the closet.

Container Store

18. Modern Bedroom

This bedroom Zoom background from Curbed will make you feel instantly zen.

Curbed/Rafael Soldi

19. Transformed Chocolate Factory

This Zoom background won’t transport you to your Willy Wonka days, but the open and airy remodeled Brooklyn apartment used to be a functioning chocolate factory.

Curbed/Max Burkhalter

20. Bold Patterns & Pastels

The Bash called this look “granny-chic,” and TBH, that’s pretty spot-on. With modern hues and old-fashioned design mixed together, this Zoom background will keep the attention on you.

The Bash

21. Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired Space

And Just Like That... you can channel the famous fictional columnist with a modern (virtual) take on her NYC pad.


22. Modern Gilmore Girls Living Room

This updated take on Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s Stars Hollow house is perfect if you’re the fastest talker on every Zoom call.


23. Oversized Living Room

This cozy living room Zoom background from The Home Depot boasts a large leather couch, oversized stuffed poufs, and a chandelier that demands your attention. Pops of green from the plants make it a serene virtual spot for your next meeting.

The Home Depot

24. Cute Office Space

Also from The Home Depot, this office background features a pretty design with a white, natural wood, and gold color palette. The pops of blue and green make it stand out and might even inspire a makeover in your actual space.

The Home Depot

No matter what the meeting or where you are, you can always check in “from home” when you have the best virtual Zoom backgrounds at your fingertips.

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