A Baton Rouge Cop Posted This Heartbreaking Plea Just A Week Before He Died


As efforts are being made to confirm the names of three officers who were killed on Sunday morning in the Baton Rouge police shooting and the three others who were wounded, the identity of one of the fallen officers has been confirmed.

His name was Montrell Jackson. He was a police veteran of 10 years and had just recently seen the birth of his baby boy a few months ago.

Jackson had just celebrated a decade of service with Baton Rouge police last month, The Advocate reports. A friend of Jackson's also talked to the paper about how much the officer loved his job, saying,

It motivated him to go out and change people's lives. He was on (the force) to help people, to make you have a better day. He was humble, kind and sweet… He wasn't on there to write tickets. I don't understand how this could happen to someone like him.

But, for a life that had recently seen moments of apparent celebration, with the birth of Jackson's son and the accomplishment of 10 years in uniform, this news isn't the only thing that makes Jackson's death so sad.

Just last week, a day after the tragic events in Dallas, Jackson posted a message on Facebook that included a plea for peace. His words, in retrospect, are heartbreaking.

In the post, he wrote,

These are trying times. Please don't let hate infect your heart. This city [Dallas] MUST and WILL get better. I'm working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family, or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer. I got you.

Here's the full Facebook post.

Jackson was 32.

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