Will Bark’s "This Is Fine" dog toy restock? You still have a chance.

Bark’s “This Is Fine” Meme Dog Toy Sold Out So Fast — What To Know About A Restock

Get your pup in on the meme fun.

Courtesy of Bark

This one’s for the dog and meme lovers alike. If you’ve ever seen your dog looking befuddled as you cackle and scroll through memes on your phone, you can now let them in on the joy that is internet humor. Bark launched a “This Is Fine” meme plush dog toy in April 2022, but since it sold out almost immediately, you might be wondering when it will restock. The collaboration between dog-centric Bark and the “This Is Fine” dog meme webcomic artist KC Green is a perfectly plushy depiction of the meme in which a dog is smiling and going about its day amidst growing flames. Here’s what to know about when you can get your hands on the toy.

If you need a refresher on the “This Is Fine” meme, let me fill you in: It’s a series of images of a cartoon dog sitting in a burning room drinking tea with a speech bubble that reads, “This is fine.” It escalates to bigger flames, and dear reader, everything is not fine. The meme originated from a 2013 webcomic strip titled On Fire that was part of the daily webcomic series Gunshow by KC Green. For context, it’s typically used when you are experiencing something and pretending like everything is OK. Most people are only familiar with the first two panels of the comic, and not the following four panels where the meme dog dramatically melts in the fire. The comical satire became so relatable that it resulted in a viral meme — and now, a dog toy.

Gunshow Comic

The designers at Bark took the meme to the next level with a two-part dog toy design that incorporates a stuffed cartoon dog and fire made from high pile fur. Bark described the creation on its product page as “multi-part toy, crazy crinkle, existential dread, cool hat.” Kinda genius. The toy was so popular that it sold out within 12 hours of its launch on April 11. But fret not because Bark is considering a restock. If they do, you can be the first to know by signing up on the product or blog page to be notified.

Courtesy of Bark

The toy design was actually pulled from the no-go pile after Bark took to Instagram to share rejected designs in February 2022. Fans voiced their favorites in the comments and Bark understood the assignment. Notably, among the rejected designs was Aang and Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Among Us characters from the popular online game. Perhaps there is hope Bark will revive those designs too? You can always dream. In the meantime, check your dog’s sun, moon, and rising, with these limited-edition astrology-themed dog toys before they’re gone.