If you're a pet lover, you'll love these cute memes about dogs and cute memes about cats.

22 Cute Memes About Dogs And Cats That Are Pawsitvely Adorable

Scroll through when you’re having a ruff day.

by Andrea Hannah

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you’ve got to admit, both pets have their perks. They both can be silly, sassy, and super cuddly. And, thanks to their expressive eyes and big personalities, there are plenty of cute memes about dogs and cats to help illustrate exactly how you’re feeling.

Let’s start with the cat people. We all know you think cats are the superior pet, and with good reason. Not only do cats know how to groom themselves and keep to their own private spaces, but they aren’t necessarily as clingy as a dog. Cats do their own thing, on their own time, and they aren’t here to play your games. That said, when you do happen to capture your kitten in a hilarious position, it may remind you of some cute cat memes on the internet. Even the most passionate cat lovers can’t deny that our furry BFFs love to lounge and they have a tendency to overdo it on the salmon snacks, which makes for plenty of cute cat memes you’ll want to share on your feed.

Then, there are the dog people. If you’re someone who thinks your pup can do no wrong (same, TBH), you may not agree with some of the dog memes out there. For example, we’ve all seen the puppy memes about them not being the brightest, or how they’re constantly glued to your side. But let’s be honest: there’s some truth to those memes, right? I mean, I can think of about a hundred times when it seemed like there was nothing going on behind my adorable pug’s eyes, and that’s OK. She’s doing the best she can, and laughing at a few cute memes about dogs won’t do a number on her feelings.

Finally, there are those cute memes that feature both cats and dogs. Whether they’re fighting or feeling each other, it’s safe to say that both cat and dog lovers can unite around a cute pet meme. No matter your pet preference, there’s something for everyone with these cute memes about dogs and cats. Go ahead and laugh, save, and share. Your pet will never know.

Cute Memes About Cats

Look at that precious little face. Cats really can be sweet companions.

And they also couldn’t care less if you’re around. Except when it’s time for dinner.

Also, can we talk about why they’re always trying to escape out the front door? Honestly, what’s not to love about a warm bed, food at your beck and call, and a box to poop in?

Cute Memes About Dogs

Dogs are so good at being there for us during the hard times. But where’s the therapy dog for the therapy dog?

Snacks and snuggles for the best boy.

Cute Memes About Dogs And Cats

Look, dogs and cats have some similarities, too. Like both just want to succeed at being small business owners.

But mostly, cats and dogs tend to see the world differently. Like, really differently.

But at the end of the day, they can love each other, despite their differences. And that’s what matters most.