This list of cheating memes is so great.
20 Cheating Memes To Make The Worst Dating Sitch A Little Less Awful

Dating trauma makes the memes funnier.

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I don’t think it’s a hot take to say that cheating is one of the worst things that can happen in a romantic relationship. And although there’s no way to make that betrayal go away completely, a cheating meme (or two or three) can help you feel seen at the very least. And hey, laughter is as healthy of a coping mechanism as any.

Whether these posts are about catching your SO in the act or your suspicions getting the best of you, these 20 cheating memes will make you feel seen in only the best way. And TBH, even if you’re single, these memes will probably make you feel thankful for your current relationship status.

Of course, no meme will capture exactly what it feels like to be cheated on by your partner (thankfully), but these posts are still worth a look. That said, if you want to feel comforted with a little humor, browsing through some relatable memes is a good idea. But as we all know, social media can be overwhelming — and searching for “cheating memes” might lead you to some dark places of the internet. To narrow down the search, here are the 20 best cheating memes on the internet right now.

This Meme That’s A *Slight* Exaggeration

OK, so if your partner cheats on you, it’s normal to feel a bit untrusting in the future, but just remember that history isn’t guaranteed to repeat itself.

This Meme About Going Back To A Toxic Relationship

It can be hard to let go of a relationship — even when cheating is involved — but at least this meme pokes fun at the bad habit you can’t seem to break.

This Meme About Mutual Cheating

Double standards galore.

This Meme About Feeling Jealous

All joking aside, if you’ve ever sent a text like this, there’s a chance that you are letting your trust issues get the best of you.

This Meme About Snooping

Snooping doesn’t necessarily lead to happily-ever-after.

This Meme About Other Girls

Caught ‘em!

This Meme About A Victim Complex

If someone ever says this to you, run.

This Meme About Being Blissfully Ignorant

PSA: Pizza Hut’s customer service is not that good.

This Meme About Getting Caught

Still shuddering from the second-hand cringe I felt reading this.

This Meme About A Completely Radical Idea

I’d love for everyone to start embracing this cheat-free philosophy.

This Meme About Your Suspicions Being Right

There’s literally nothing worse than having your worst suspicions being confirmed.

This Meme About Enjoying Being Single

Silver! Lining!

This Meme About Women Looking Out For Women

If you don’t want me to report back, don’t give me anything to report on.

This Meme About The Audacity

Please do not expect me to comfort you for your mistakes.

This (Second) Meme About The Audacity

This scenario begs the question: Are you sorry you did it — or just sorry you got caught?

This Meme About Being Happily Wrong

When people say, “Boys will be boys,” this is what they should mean.

This Meme About Trust

Remember, you lose them how you got them.

This Meme About Freezing Under Pressure

If you don’t know them, why are you replying flame emojis to all of their Stories?

This Meme About When They’re “Probably Cheating”

Goofing around with your friends beats cheating every time.

This Meme About Reality Shows And Reality

Non-monogamy is fine — as long as everyone is aware that’s what they signed up for.

See, don’t you feel better now? Next time you’re feeling down about your relationship status or romantic past, a cheating meme might be just what the ~love~ doctor ordered.

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