Barack Obama dressed as Santa to surprise patients at a children's hospital for Christmas.

Obama Surprised A Children's Hospital By Handing Out Gifts Dressed As Santa

This is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Zach Gibson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Santa Claus got a little extra help this year delivering presents from none other than Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. On Friday, Dec. 3, Mr. and Mrs. Obama surprised patients at Comer Children’s hospital in Chicago. Wearing Santa hats, they passed out holiday gifts, spoke with parents and children —and even sat on kiddy chairs to have a personal chat with some of the patients. Oh, and leave it to Obama to come in with a red bag full of presents over his shoulder. If you’re looking for a little holiday cheer, Barack Obama’s 2021 Instagram dressing up as Santa is sure to fill you with warmth and compassion.

As usual, Barack shared the event on social media and wished everyone a wonderful holiday season. “Michelle and I wanted to give Santa a hand passing out gifts for the holidays, so we made a stop at the @ComerChildrens Hospital,” he wrote in the post. “We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.”

The Obamas are no stranger to lending a caring hand during the holidays. Throughout Obama’s presidency, he regularly showed his passion for the young leaders of the future and even spent Thanksgiving Day serving the local homeless population in Washington. The family’s custom of giving didn’t stop after Obama’s presidency ended in 2016 either. Take their 2021 Thanksgiving, for example, where they spent the day as a family serving food at a food bank.

Obama’s day of giving didn’t stop at the children's hospital either. Barack explained he and Michelle will be in Chicago for a week to meet with city leaders. Given that he and Michelle got their careers and family started in the Windy City, it’s no surprise they want to contribute to the city’s future. “Michelle and I are in Chicago this week to talk to folks who are working on some of the city’s toughest challenges,” he wrote on Twitter. “Yesterday, I met with leaders from across Chicago, heard their stories, and shared ideas. Change is never easy, but we want them to know they’re not alone.”

On Thursday, Dec. 2, Obama stopped by the South Side YMCA and surprised a basketball event, of course. Student-athletes were practicing drills while, not only the former president walked in, but Chicago Bulls player Patrick Williams, Bulls general manager Marc Eversley and representatives from the Chicago Sky gave the students some pointers. And it wouldn’t be an Obama appearance without a speech on the importance of the YMCA.

“I heard the @ChicagoSky and @ChicagoBulls were visiting the South Side YMCA, so I decided to drop by, too,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s always fun to meet young people who are learning to love the game.”

This year, let’s take a page out of Obama’s playbook and give a caring hand to anyone who needs a bit of holiday magic.