Barack And Malia Obama Look So Happy On Adorable Dinner Date In NYC


If you've been paying attention to the latest celeb sightings in New York City, you may have heard the former president, Barack Obama, made an unexpected visit to Manhattan yesterday.

Throughout the day, people have been buzzing about Obama sightings and sharing videos on social media showing the 44th POTUS out and about in the Big Apple.

While the exact reason for his trip to New York City remains unknown, many people are guessing Barack Obama is in Manhattan to visit his oldest daughter, Malia Obama.

Malia is living in New York City for the summer while she works as an intern for the famous producer, Harvey Weinstein, before heading off to college in the fall.

In addition to being spotted on Fifth Avenue earlier today, several people also saw Barack Obama having dinner with Malia last night.


That's right. Barack and Malia Obama went on an adorable dinner date in NYC on Thursday evening, and these two looked so damn happy together, I literally can't even right now.

The precious pair shared an intimate dinner at Emilio's Ballato, a cozy Italian restaurant located on East Houston Street.


Based on Barack Obama's gigantic grin, it's not hard to see the former president had an amazing time with his daughter.


Several people managed to snap pictures of the father-daughter duo while dining at the restaurant, and a few passersby also noticed Barack and Malia as they were leaving the restaurant.


Although some photos of Barack and Malia Obama ended up on social media, their adorable dinner date somehow managed to remain under the radar until earlier today.

Now, the news of Barack and Malia Obama's father-daughter dinner date is giving people all the feels.

Maybe if we're lucky enough, Malia will be able to convince Barack and Michelle Obama to spend the whole summer in New York City.

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