These Olympic Athletes Got The Most Swipe Rights On Tinder While In Rio

by Talia Koren

The 2016 Olympics in Rio just ended on Saturday, but medals weren't the only thing to keep track of. You'd think while Usain Bolt was dominating race after race, people wouldn't have time to swipe away on Tinder.

According to data released from Tinder, people in Rio were especially active on the dating app, swiping as much as they possibly could. We all know the Olympic village is hookup central anyway.

So yeah, even Olympic athletes like Ryan Lochte make time for swiping on the app. Not all Tinder matches are created equal, people.

Tinder's data also showed which types of athletes had the most right swipes, and the results are pretty surprising.

Women were swiping right on men who did tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics, sport shooting, judo and boxing.

Men were loving women who did table tennis, field hockey, rowing, weightlifting, rugby and swimming.

Tinder got this data by gathering information from user bios and recorded data from anyone that listed themselves as a "professional athlete."

But you have to take this ranking with a grain of salt because let's be real, except for this girl that rejected a gold medalist swimmer and regretted it, wouldn't most people swipe right if they saw "professional tennis player" in the profile?

I know I would!

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