The New iPhone Might Ban Your Friends From Sending Annoying Concert Snapchats

A lot of us have probably received Snapchats from that one friend who always goes to concerts or festivals, and immediately regretted opening them. It almost always seems to happen when you're in a quiet area (or at work, where you should be, uh, working).

You open the snap up, it's extremely loud, you don't even know who's playing and all you see is multi-colored strobe lights. Your face is suddenly bright red and you instantly regret picking up your phone.

Fun times.

Well, rejoice, my friends, this might be coming to an end!

No more annoying concert video snaps! Just face-swaps and embarrassing vids of drunken nights out that should've never been recorded.

The world is definitely progressing.

According to Complex, Apple recently patented technology that allows the temporary disabling of iPhone cameras in certain areas. This is apparently a means of stopping people from taking bootleg videos or photos where they aren't supposed to, such as a concert or movie.

Here's how it works: Using infrared signals, a concert venue would activate a transmitter that essentially tells an iPhone to shut off its camera, effectively preventing people from filming or taking photos.

But, as Complex notes, it isn't guaranteed Apple will actually utilize this technology in the iPhone or at all, so you might have to continue dealing with your friends annoying concert snaps. Sorry!

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