Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie in 'And Just Like That,' which fans have a Twitter theory about...

And Just Like That Fans Are Shook Over This Twitter Theory About Carrie’s Name

You mean, her legal name’s not Carrie?


HBO Max’s And Just Like That has already made waves, especially with the passing of Big in the first episode of the season. The death of such a major character had fans rushing to their phones to tweet out their feelings, and it seems with the release of Episode 4, fans are taking to social media once again. This time, they are shocked over this Twitter theory about Carrie’s real name.

Warning: Spoilers for And Just Like That Episode 4 follow. If you’ve been streaming the series as soon as new episodes drop on Thursdays, you would know that Episode 3 ends with Carrie’s return to her old brownstone apartment with the iconic closet. After failing to make her own coffee at home, in Episode 4, Carrie decides to head to the corner bodega to pick up some java. This is when the owner of the bodega greets Carrie by saying, “Look who it is! Caroline.” With this one line, it seems Carrie Bradshaw isn’t Carrie Bradshaw at all, but Caroline Bradshaw. Of course, it hasn’t been officially proven that Carrie’s legal name is Caroline, but it makes sense. Carrie is a nickname for Caroline, after all. However, this shocking revelation definitely didn’t sit right with longtime fans of Sex and the City, who then took to Twitter.

Some fans were unhappy with the reveal after following Carrie Bradshaw — not Caroline — for decades.

Some other fans joked that, even though Big’s Peloton-related death was surprising, this was actually the most shocking thing to happen on the series so far.

Despite the surprising reveal, the character’s name on her Wikipedia page has been listed as Caroline Marie “Carrie” Bradshaw for years. HBO hasn’t confirmed that detail, though; on their site, her name is simply Carrie.

It’s certainly possible that Carrie is still her legal name, and she was just being polite to the man at the bodega by not correcting him. However, in their conversation, the bodega owner repeatedly refers to Carrie as Caroline. He even offers her a coffee on the house after hearing of Big’s passing and saying, “Poor Caroline.”

Due to his excitement at seeing her, fans concluded Carrie must have visited the bodega often in the past. This only leads fans to believe that Caroline must be Carrie’s true name. Either that, or he started calling her Caroline and she never had the heart to tell him otherwise. In any case, fans online really felt like they had a rug pulled out from underneath them. However, many were just completely dumbfounded.

While they may have been too stunned to speak at first, some fans eventually realized that it makes sense that Carrie would be a Caroline.

Whether or not this Twitter theory is true, fans are still excited to keep watching her journey unfold with six more episodes of Season 1 dropping on HBO Max weekly. How many other secrets are about to surface?