American Students Chant 'Build That Wall' At Spring Break Party In Mexico


Sometimes, the irony of a situation just slaps you right in the face, doesn't it?

In the middle of their spring break fun, a group of Americans on a vacation cruise in Cancun, Mexico, began a booming chorus of, "Build that wall!"

Their chant, of course, was referring to President Donald Trump's campaign promise to build a wall "protecting" the border between America and Mexico.

The spring breakers were called out in an editorial published in The Yucatan Times, which described the collective annoyance felt by others aboard the ship who witnessed the rowdy scene.

Suly and Anaximandro Amable, a newly married couple, were particularly upset, as the chant was probably the last thing they wanted to hear while on their honeymoon.

According to the editorial, Anaximandro wrote the following statement on social media:

Today I was with Suly, my wife (who is a native of Mexico), watching an entertainment show off the coast of Cancun aboard a boat, and at the end of the show, a flock of Americans (maybe under the influence of alcohol, or maybe not), began to sing the infamous “Build that wall” chant louder and louder.

It's not the first time American kids have started the infamous chant in public to the horror of those around them. After Trump's win, kids in schools across the nation were caught participating in disturbing chants.

The newspaper noted that several other tourists reportedly complained about the Americans' behavior, but nothing was done to quiet them.

The Yucatan Times editorial went on to note this situation is not an isolated incident, as several tourism sector workers have pointed out that "many Spring Breakers have been offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people."

We're all relatively familiar with American spring breakers and the havoc they tend to wreak on their vacations.

Immaturity and drunken antics are one thing, but blatant xenophobia and sheer lack of respect for the people whose country you chose to visit are downright unacceptable.

Please just know these obnoxious spring breakers do not represent all of us here in America, nor do Trump's racist policies and promises.

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