Amazon May Have Just Leaked Major iPhone 7 Spoilers Ahead Of Apple's Reveal

by Alexandra Svokos

Amazon may have just accidentally ruined Apple's big reveal.

The tech giant has an annual conference every year to reveal their new products.

Apple builds up a ton of hype over what products will come out in their annual reveal event. They aim to make it a huge unveiling that will get everybody pumped up to buy a new laptop or smart phone or whatever it might be.

Except that the new products are typically some of the worst kept secrets in the technology world -- although it's still fun to see what Apple comes up with next.

But this year, tech's worst kept secret got a little looser.

It seems that Amazon accidentally (maybe) spoiled Apple's reveal.

In the hour before Apple started their annual event, Amazon posted a page apparently showing images for the new Apple products.

The Amazon Apple page includes some iPhone 7 updates that were rumored all summer.

Most importantly, it looks like Apple really will be taking away that headphone jack. The Amazon page featured images of the new iPhone 7 without headphone jacks.

It also included various types of bluetooth headphones, making this seem like a super reality. Ugh. Time to update, I guess.

The Amazon page showed the iPhone 7 with dual back-facing cameras -- two camera lenses on the back of the iPhone. Get ready to double the filter, double the fun.

Within an hour after the Amazon Apple page showed up, revealing what appears to be images of the iPhone 7, the page came down.

It was replaced with an error page featuring a variety of cute dogs.

So at least there's that!

Looks like we'll just have to wait a couple more minutes to figure out exactly what these new iPhone 7s -- and other Apple products -- are going to be.

And, more importantly, how much they'll really cost.

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