Maja Topcagic

Parts Of The US Are Seeing Snow Before Fall Is Over


People are always PUMPED for fall.

It's pretty much America's favorite season. It even has a flavor mascot (pumpkin spice).

Just the other day, I was walking down the street with a friend and a gust of wind caused a shower of red leaves to pour on us. He then turned to me with a cheesy-ass smile and said, "I love fall."

Our obsession with it is borderline gross. We're all basic bitches inside.

I think autumn is great, but I personally live for winter. I'm a snowboarder.

So you can imagine how stoked I am to see snowfall is already happening all over the country.

Of course, some people are less enthused.

So far, many states on the east coast and in the New England area have seen snow much earlier than normal.

This dog is basically me every year when it starts snowing. You can bet I'll be outside catching snowflakes as soon as the first flurry hits New York.

But it's not just the east coast. The west is seeing snow, too. Last week I was in Jackson, WY where I snapped this on the road:

Talia Koren

Normally, the east coast sees less than an inch of snow in October -- if any. So this is either a pleasant or an unpleasant surprise, depending on how much you love winter.

Nature doesn't care that fall is still in full swing this year.

Don't worry. You can still enjoy your pumpkin spice beverages and food in the snow.

As for me? I'm headed to Vermont this weekend with my new snowboard.