8-Year-Old's GF Dumps Him After Her Dad Says She 'Can't Have Black Baby'

Apparently, you're never too young to be taught about racism.

Jenna Blurton is the mother of an 8-year-old boy whose “girlfriend's” (first of all, two people dating at 8 years old melts my frozen heart valves) dad allegedly made her break up with him because he didn't want his daughter having a black baby.

You did not misread that.

Jenna posted about this on her Facebook:


The post read,

Absolutely fuming cannot believe my 8 year old has just told me his (white) girlfriend at school has dumped him cos her dad told her she cannot marry a black person cos she can't have a black baby… no wonder we can't stop racism when tw*t adults are teaching the children this.

This happened in England because people are racist pieces of human filth everywhere.

Just cannot believe a parent would try to raise their child in this way, it's disgusting.

As Metro reports, people were up in arms in the comment section about the alleged behavior.


Jenna commented on her post later, saying,

They had been only been special friends for little over a week and all they do is hold hands round the playground. Jay was very upset but I just told him there are plenty more fish in the sea.

The fact that a dad felt like he had to stop his daughter from having a “special friend” because of race, when they were both 8 years old, just boggles the mind.

Like, if you're going to raise your kids to be prejudiced, at least like give them a second. Eight is too young for that kind of hate.

On Facebook, Blurton continued, saying, "It's so sad – he really liked that girl as well," breaking every heart on the planet.

People have been showing their support online and sharing her post widely.

Of the heartbreaking experience, Jenna said,

Life will never change if we don't teach them otherwise.