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Terrible Things That Happen To Your Penis As You Age


Life is unfair.

I hate to break this brand-new piece of information to you, but you're going to get an awful lot of shit thrown at you.

And if you're a guy, some dreadful, dreadful things are going to happen to your favorite body part as you get older.

I'm talking, of course, about your penis.

Your man hammer may be healthy and happy in your 20s and 30s, but spare a thought for your dad or grandpa because that's not always going to be the case.

Weapon expert Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger, director of urology at New York Urology Specialists, told Elite Daily exactly what could go wrong.

New York Urology Specialists

Don't be worried — just treat this as a heads up. After all, we're all in this together, gentlemen.

1. Getting hard is harder.

There's loads of reasons why people tend to have less sex as they got older, and mechanical problems for guys is a big reason why.

Dr. Shteynshlyuger told Elite Daily,

2. It's going to get smaller.

I warned you this would be a tough read.

Dr. Shteynshlyuger said,

3. It can become curved, too.

On the plus side, a bent penis, also known as peyronie's disease, will only affect 10 percent to 15 percent of men.

The problem is it can strike as early as your 40s, which seems pretty young.

Dr. Shteynshlyuger said,

4. If you have foreskin, it's going to give you issues.


As my Elite Daily colleague, fellow Brit and rampant exhibitionist, Oliver McAteer, noted, a lot of American guys are circumcised.

Well, not all of us have that luxury — and we're at risk of something called phimosis, Dr. Shteynshlyuger noted.

5. You'll struggle to pee.

This last one isn't a sex problem, which makes a nice change, but it still sounds pretty uncomfortable.

Dr. Shteynshlyuger said,