What All Men With Uncircumcised Penises Wish You Knew About Foreskin


Last year, I moved to America from the UK.

The biggest cultural difference isn't the in-your-face people, massive serving sizes or the fact that you have to tip everyone in sight.

It's my foreskin.

Yes, my foreskin. You see, we're not that different, you and I, except I have a piece of skin wrapped around my helmet, and you don't.

Every American guy I've grilled on the subject says they're circumcised. Every dude I know back home is with penis skin, except one who had it removed as a kid for medical reasons.

As for the US women I've quizzed, well, let's just say most recoil in horror when I tell them I'm carrying a little extra tackle down there.

Here's a quote from an anonymous young woman about her thoughts on foreskins (her name is Katie Corvino and she works with me at Elite Daily):

Foreskins makes me feel like a penis is wearing a permanent hat that won't come off.

And I totally get that. It's different, messy in appearance and confusing to handle.


I first discovered the hoody trend was widespread in the UK when I watched an American man get a Prince Albert while he was traveling in London (but that's a story for another time).

When I asked why he didn't have a foreskin, he replied,

I thought every guy was snipped at birth?

We bonded over our lack of penis knowledge.


Turns out, most guys in the states do have it cut at birth, and the medical reasons are overwhelmingly supportive of this ritual.

According to the Mayo Clinic, health benefits from circumcision include: easier hygiene, decreased risk of urinary tract infections, decreased risk of sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of penile problems and decreased risk of penile cancer.

Look, I'm going to level with you.

Sometimes, there's a little extra something down there if you know what I'm saying. I can definitely see how having no foreskin makes it easier to clean.

As for the other stuff, well, that's so darn scary that it makes me want to book in for the snip right now. But I won't.

So, are there any benefits in having a foreskin that outweigh these many "risks"? Yes, actually.

Those who are circumcised lose a layer of skin around the tip of the penis, which — before the procedure — is home to fine touch receptors.

After the circumcision, the layer of skin underneath the foreskin hardens in order to protect itself, which means nerve endings are farther from the surface.

In short, those who have a foreskin may be more responsive and can even experience more pleasure during sex.

Women can benefit, too.

According to the New Health Advisor, when the foreskin retracts, it bunches up around the bottom of the male glands, providing more friction for clitoral stimulation.

So, please think about that next time you stare at my penis in the locker room.

But seriously, please stop. It's making me feel really awkward.