These 6 Things Will Completely Change How You View Uncircumcised Penises

by Bobby Box

If you're unfamiliar with uncircumcised men, it's likely you find the idea of foreskin pretty gross. While yes, an uncircumcised wiener does look a little different from most, the fact of the matter is: It all feels the same during sex. I know this because I have one and, as a sex writer, I tend to collect feedback. Or as I like to call it, testimony (for journalistic purposes, of course).

The only difference between someone who is “cut” or “uncut” is the foreskin. A mere centimeter of skin. That's it. And if you aren't keen on this extra skin, you'd better get used to it. Research has found that in the US alone, circumcisions have been declining for many, many years. They've declined so much, in fact, that only one-third of infants undergo the procedure these days.

The World Health Organization recently estimated the percentages of uncircumcised men worldwide, then divided these stats by country. These results proved quite insightful: US (25 percent), Australia (41 percent), South Africa (65 percent), Canada (70 percent) and the UK (94 percent). That's a lot of dudes. We've become the majority.

What does foreskin do, exactly? If foreskins were once medically recommended to be removed, do they really serve a purpose? Indeed they do. The foreskin is actually homologous to a clitoral hood, and is intended to protect the penis from nasty things like abrasions and friction.

They're also found to be quite beneficial during intercourse, as the foreskin allows for easier gliding and reduces pain and unwanted friction in the vagina. Beyond that, the foreskin makes sex more enjoyable for him, as it contains thousands of sensitive nerve endings. Again, like the clitoris.

Listen, I get it. You're excited and eager to go to pound town. So, in the heat of the moment, you feverishly unbutton his jeans, pull those babies down and there you have it: An uncircumcised penis. And you're disappointed. This isn't what you were expecting. You don't know what to do. So how do you proceed?

Well, first thing is: Don't be a jerk. He might already be sensitive about it. Here are some other things you should know:

1. He assumes you won't like that he's uncut.

Many men aren't fond of being uncircumcised. This is because they're different. And, as with most things that don't fit the traditional mold, they're ridiculed and criticized for it, both in the media and in conversations among friends. Even in the locker room, uncircumcised children see that they're different from most. And being different is rarely an advantage in adolescence.

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We hear that it's “gross” to be uncut and/or that an individual “would never sleep with a guy who's uncircumcised.” Judgements like these are common and lead a man to feel incredibly insecure. The most private part of his body has been deemed ugly and unacceptable.

The best thing you can do when confronted by an uncut member is to not react at all. And, for its intended sexual purpose, it isn't. It still feels good, and it still does its job.

It's just extra skin on the tip of his Johnson. That's it. Besides, the choice to leave it there wasn't his.

2. Uncut wieners are basically built for handjobs.

Not that handjobs are difficult, but an uncircumcised penis makes one difficult to screw up. You see, the skin of an uncircumcised penis acts as a sleeve, a generous sleeve that gives you more to play with and causes less friction or painful rubbing. It glides easier.

Plus, instead of stopping at the head with your stroke, you can go the full length of his penis. Eventually his erection will begin to look circumcised because that does happen, and this sudden transformation is a pretty good indicator that you've stimulated him to his fullest extent.

3. When he's erect, he looks circumcised.

When a man becomes erect, his “hood” recoils and the head pushes its way through. Then, voila! As if by magic, you're staring at a penis that resembles what's traditionally believed to be “normal.”


Some men, however, have more foreskin than others, and this aforementioned “penis magic” may not occur. Regardless, if you're using a condom, there's no difference in how the sex feels. Even if you aren't using protection, the motion and contact with your vaginal wall will pull the foreskin back until it looks and feels circumcised, anyway. If anything, you'll experience more glide.

4. They're not dirty.

Here's another thing: While yes, babies are circumcised for hygienic purposes (but even this is being ruled out by medical professionals), a man can very easily clean his manhood. All he has to do is peel the foreskin back while he's in the shower, and rinse the head with water. That's about it.

5. Sex feels the same.

A penis is a penis. Sure, this guy looks a little different from what you're used to, but when you engage in sex, it doesn't feel any different from a circumcised man. As I stated before, his head's going to push its way through the foreskin anyway, and then there's no difference in the appearance or how it feels. His head is just more sensitive, as it's not exposed as often as a circumcised penis.

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Circumcised men build a tougher skin on the head of their wieners because it rubs against his underwear and such. Over time, it understandably becomes less sensitive. Courtesy of the excess skin and it's easy-glide technology, sex with uncircumcised men is found to be less painful.

6. They're really fucking sensitive.

Unless your guy's a bit of a freak (and I mean this in the best way possible), you don't have to treat his penis any differently than the others during sex.

One thing you should definitely avoid, though: Don't pull the skin back when giving oral before you ask, and don't try getting kinky by shoving a finger down there. It's really fucking sensitive. Again, this is no different than an exposed clitoris. Also, it's a good idea to pull the foreskin back before using a condom; it's just more comfortable for him.

If he's up for it, you can tease the area with your tongue, but anything more than that can be a bit much. But, as always, everybody's different. And communication is the key to intimacy. Ask him what he likes.

Penises aren't that complicated; most of them like the same things. Uncircumcised men are no different, so let's stop treating them that way.