10 International Women's Day T-Shirts & Accessories To Celebrate Girl Power

The girl power is so real. Looking back on our most recent history, it's clear to me that women are making amazing waves. From the days of fighting for the right to vote, to every pink "pussyhat" we saw marching down in Washington D.C., to the "Me Too" movement — there's seriously no shortage of spirit and strength. It's all creating a community of role models and activists who want to make sure females are getting the appreciation and human rights they deserve. And on March 8, you can show your support by sporting International Women's Day T-shirts or accessories so you can spread the empowerment.

According to the International Women's Day website, this day originally began in the early 1900s when our country was growing with new ideas. Women became so much more active in creating change for themselves. They campaigned and marched, and made movements for better work conditions and equal pay.

International Women's Day is meant to be a global celebration of how far we've come in our fight against inequality, and is something the whole world recognizes — because the struggle is real beyond our borders, too. It's a day where we can look at all our achievements socially, economically, politically, and culturally and let it make us wonder what we can't do.

Sure, there's still a lot of progress that we need to stay passionate about. But, wearing purple or one of these feminist T-shirts or accessories will constantly remind us that the future is so female.

The Confidence Tee

The Confidence Tee, $25, Lively

You might want to make some big waves in the world one day, but in order to do that, you must start with yourself and the people around you. There's so much work to be done just in your community that will echo everywhere on this Earth. This tee from Lively is a reminder of just that. With the word "here" placed right over your heart, this shirt is meant to express that empowerment originates in each of our individual cores first. You'll definitely want to check out what else this company has to offer, too.

Love Tits
Tit Tees

Love Tits, $25, Tit Tees

We love what makes us ladies. So, on International Women's Day, why not show our boobs what's best and sport a Tit Tee?

This brand was created by two females. They wanted to challenge the stigma surrounding boobs by covering them in one-of-a-kind and original art. From strawberries, to ice cream cones, and these hearts that were specifically designed to show support for breast cancer — there's something for you on this amazing site.

Girls Support Girls
Hello Holiday

Girls T-shirt in White, $35, Hello Holiday

It's honestly quite simple: girls should support other girls. But, sometimes we get so caught up in life's drama and nonsense that we forget that we should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. We get jealous, or start creating negative competition. This Hello Holiday tee will spread the motto we all should remember, with a whole lot of pride.

After all, International Women's Day is supposed to be a celebration for everyone. It's not about who did the most to empower a movement, or any single event or organization that created opportunity for women. Keep it inclusive and incredibly straightforward with this shirt.

Embrace Ambition
Tory Burch

Embrace Ambition T-Shirt, $68, Tory Burch

You don't have to be an activist to have a whole lot of ambition. We all have our dreams and passions, and this Tory Burch shirt is part of a movement by the brand meant to inspire women. All of the proceeds from the design go straight to the Tory Burch Foundation that funds women entrepreneurs with education and the like.

Truth is, in our modern world, embracing and expressing that ambitious side of us is so important and as effective as wearing a power suit. This tee might be a little comfier, though.

Power To The Polls
Women's March

Power To The Polls Unisex Tee, $25, Women's March

One of the biggest milestones for women in history is gaining the right to vote. But, it doesn't just stop there. Now, we have to take that power and make a difference at the polls.

The Women's March has all sorts of merch you can grab for your International Women's Day festivities, from pins to art prints and more. This tee will surely show your feminist spirit, though, and spread an empowering message that continues to matter. Marching every year has already been such an experience, but the resistance doesn't stop with "pussyhats" and pictures on social media. Wear your activism right on your sleeve.

The Woman Tee

The Woman Tee, $98, A.L.C.

Wear what you are with this tee from A.L.C. The designer brand created this shirt with International Women's Day in mind, and all of the proceeds will go straight to Planned Parenthood. They wanted to spread a positive message and honor all of that female energy that has been behind such empowerment for decades.

This tee can be easily styled for any feminist-inspired outfit. Maybe you wear it with a pair of black jeans and booties, or maybe you tie it up a bit and layer with a jean jacket — totally Rosie the Riveter-esque. Fashion, like feminism, can be a totally individual thing, and you should express yourself whichever way seems fit.

Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pura Vida Bracelets

Breast Cancer Braided, $15, Pura Vida Bracelets

Fight like a girl, am I right? Breast Cancer Awareness Month was back in October, but it's always a good time to show support for the women who are still fighting their battles. Something as simple as wearing this bracelet from Pura Vida will remind those fighting females that they're never alone and have a whole world behind them giving them some extra strength.

Typically, purple is the color of women. But, over the years, pink has taken a pretty prime spot, too. From pink "pussyhats," to this braided bracelet, sport the bright colors of spectrum on this day to truly spread the love.

Womankind Pin
Urban Outfitters

MNKR Womankind Pin, $12, Urban Outfitters

Women aren't their own species by any means. But, if they were, well, I'd feel pretty lucky to be a part of this kind.

This pin from Urban Outfitters is an easy thing to purchase if you want to get involved on International Women's Day. Maybe you'll put it on your backpack along with some feminist patches, or wear it right on your jacket so that everyone can see it.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights Tote
Feminist Apparel

Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights Tote, $24.95, Feminist Apparel

On this day, you should totally ditch your average backpack for a feminist tote like this one from Feminist Apparel. Once again, it's really so simple. Girls don't just want to have fun — they want to have fundamental human rights. It shouldn't be so difficult, but nonetheless, here we are fighting it all and reminding the world of why we continue to resist.

Carrying this bag around campus will surely get the message across. Bringing your books to class has never been quite an experience, and you'll feel instantly more ready to take on the day's troubles when you have this around your arm.

Nevertheless, She Persisted Bracelet

Nevertheless, She Persisted Bracelet, $23+, Etsy

This thin bracelet will wrap that famous feminist moment from Senate floor right on your wrist. Not to mention, you'll make a lot of people proud, especially Elizabeth Warren.

Sport your feminism with your bestie, and get matching bracelets saying, "Nevertheless, she persisted." Or maybe you'll get one with always leading lady in your life — your mom! Truth is, your girl power has gone on for generations, and you have her to thank for passing along such passionate and purposeful genes.

So, stay woke this International Women's Day, and show your spirit for all things female. Find your #girlsquad and get all dressed up in these T-shirts and accessories, and celebrate all of the success of women in the past, present, and future.