7 Times In Life You Will Always Need Your Mom, No Matter The Age

There are many things in life you need. You need food, you need water, and you need your mom. Those are just the facts. Your mom doesn't have to be the conventional notion of the idea; she could be another relative, a best friend's mom, or someone who just fits the bill. Your mom is someone who is always there for you, and she will do whatever it takes to make you happy. A mom is also someone who you run to when something goes wrong or when you feel like your world is crumbling and you need some solid advice. Whether it's something silly or something serious, there are many times you need your mom, regardless of what age you are.

There's really no denying that there's a special relationship someone has with their mom. I've said this often, but my mom is my rock and I don't know who I'd be (or God knows where I'd be) without her guiding me and raising me the way she has. I probably go to my mom more often than a lot of people. Need to know what kind of pad to get at the grocery store? Call my mom. Not sure how to cook pasta? Call my mom. Need to know if my butt looks weird in these pants? A quick FaceTime to mi mamá. She's fabulous (and definitely slightly annoyed with me constantly), but I wouldn't have it any other way. I definitely hit her up when any of the below things happen (and also when I don't know how to properly make coffee, because I'm hopeless).

When You Need Life Advice

This is a no-brainer, but no one is as good at giving advice as the woman who raised you. She not only knows you, but also may be the best inside source to give you advice.

Whether it's love advice or whether you should have pasta or chicken for dinner, your mom knows what's up. Life can hit you fast, and sometimes there are too many decisions to be made or too many variables that can go into a decision. Getting a clear-headed person's opinion is key to have and it's all the better if it's your mother.

When Your Heart Breaks

It's unfortunately inevitable that our hearts will be broken sometime in our adult lives. Whether it's by a best friend or by someone we thought was the one, it's going to be tough to get through. That's where our moms come in. She really has a way with cheering us up, doesn't she? We may not need anything other than Mom's voice to say, "It's going to be alright," but that may be the difference between your heart breaking more or feeling just a little bit better.

When You Lose Someone You Love

Losing someone is really tough, especially someone you were close with. The pain you feel constantly afterwards is something you don't know how to face alone and may feel like it won't go away. Calling up your mom is one of the best remedies for this one.

Even if you can't physically cry on her shoulder, listening to your mother's advice or her reassurances is a great push towards feeling whole again. She may surprise you with her wisdom as well, although, at this point, I already know she's the most knowledgable on anything, so I don't think I'll be "shook" by whatever she decides to say to me at this point. But just venting your feelings to her is a great cushion to have.

When You Need All-Out Honesty

Maybe your friends are telling you a certain guy or girl isn't treating you correctly, or maybe you feel like you haven't been eating the healthiest. The person who is going to be honest (and let's face it, right) is your mom. She has been through it, and knows some of the best tips to life itself, but she'll also just be honest.

Mom doesn't need to stay on your good side or ease into something, because she doesn't really need to (she's your mom, after all), so her advice and opinion on something is going to come from a place in her heart that wants what's best for you. Even if it's on whether you should go up a bra size or not, Mom has your back.

When You Need Help Adulting

I will admit, I suck at some adult things. Like, I can never remember the right amount of coffee grounds to put in for one cup or how long to microwave Ramen. I also don't know when to use hot or cold water when doing laundry or how to do my taxes.

I know not everyone is as inept at being a legal guardian of yourself like I am, but even if you've got the whole adult thing down, you just know you can go to your mom for any and all of the above. Even if you're 30+ and you forget how to clean wine off your white blouse, a quick call to Mom should clear it right up.

When You Need That Last Seal Of Approval

Since I started college, I haven't asked my mom for permission on anything, and I think to have a healthy adult life where you grow into your own person is important. My mom has really embraced this part of my life as well, and there's such a good respect of boundaries. She lets me do my own thing and gives her opinion when I ask. This, of course, does not mean that I don't constantly ask her for said opinion. That sh*t is golden, and where else can you get amazing tips and advice for free?

When You Just Need To Be Taken Care Of For A Bit
Alani Vargas

I hate to admit it, but I'm needy AF. Even if you're a super capable person, getting taken care of is the best feeling. I'm a strong independent woman, but I love when I'm home and my mom makes me coffee (even if I have to nag her, as I'm guilty of above).

Everyone needs their mom, for many things. Just letting her treat you as her little baby just a little bit longer, whether you're 18 or 30, is the best.