Zayn Malik's First Song Released By Producer, The Internet Goes Wild (Listen)


Zayn Malik made waves last week when he left One Direction. While he cited "stress" as the reason behind the move, there were rumors he was going to pursue a solo career in music.

Now, we have some idea what Zayn's solo music will sound like.

Naughty Boy is a music producer who has been working with Zayn on his new music, and he just leaked a sample of Malik's first solo song, "I Won't Mind."

You can hear that track up above. It's a soulful track showing us a different side of Malik.

However, this momentous occasion has been overshadowed by the fact that it caused a considerable amount of controversy on Twitter.

Naughty Boy kicked One Direction fans when they were down by tweeting out a video claiming "Naughty Boy Saved Zaughty."

This did not sit well with Louis Tomlinson, a member of One Direction. He tweeted:

There was some confusion about the tweet Louis was responding to, but it seems Louis didn't really care to hear Naughty Boy's excuses.

Regardless, One Direction fans were not thrilled about Zayn's new music. Many of them seem to believe Zayn didn't leave One Direction for anything but selfish reasons.

Here are some of their indignant tweets:

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