Zayn Malik's Decision To Leave 1D May Have Been Influenced By Drake

Thus far, it has been unclear as to why Zayn Malik decided to leave the uber popular boy band One Direction.

Many cited stress caused by Zayn's relationship issues as the deciding factor. Others spoke about artistic differences Zayn may have had with the band.

But, there's a new rumor claiming Drake had something to do with it, albeit indirectly. It seems Zayn has been inspired by Drake and wants to emulate the rapper in his solo career.

A source told Hollywood Life,

He's really been listening to a lot of Drake's stuff, and has been inspired by his work and wants to channel a little bit of that.

Apparently, Zayn wants to make more soulful, R&B style music that's somewhat similar to Drake's. This desire may have pushed Zayn over the edge when it came to his departure from 1D.

The source added,

Zayn has been listening to a lot of Drake — he's always been a big fan. He's hoping that some of the magic will rub off on him, and he'll be able to put together an album to rival his inspiration in the R&B charts.

Only time will tell if Zayn is able to be successful as a solo artist by channeling the spirit of Drake. But for now, color us intrigued.

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