12 Coachella Experts Reveal Their 'Must-Have' Survival Accessories

If you're a first-timer at this year's Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, then you're in for a real treat.

Not only is the lineup insane this year, but it's also looking to be a beautiful weekend.

While we are sure you already have your outfits all planned out, there are still a few must-have items you should be packing in your fanny pack. We went to Reddit to ask the Coachella experts what they have in their "must-have" survival kits. Check out their responses below.

Something to cover your face:

Sunscreen will save your life:

So will water:

Vitamin C will stave off any colds:

A good attitude can't hurt either:

Trust this guy...seriously... you make this mistake ONCE:

You'll be thankful you have wipes after dancing your ass off:

Sometimes the music is TOO loud:

Water guns are always a good idea no matter the situation:

Try the balloon buddy system:

Basically everything this guy says:

And most importantly...