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The Marijuana Industry Is Hiring, And A Green Thumb Could Be Your Ticket To Green Pockets

The marijuana industry is expanding rapidly with growth predicted to exceed $2 billion in 2014. By 2018, it's predicted that 14 more states will legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. With this boom in the marijuana market comes a host of careers.

According to David Fielder from

“Imagine a school where “higher education” isn't just an academic phrase, it's an accurate description. Imagine a job where 'drug testing' involves making sure that employees know the difference between indica and sativa strains of cannabis.”

Sounds like a dream to most, and the positions we are aware of are the physicians who prescribe marijuana and the dispensary that delivers it. But, this just paints a broad picture for those of us who are not enveloped in the industry.

There are many key pieces to the puzzle, and you might be actively filling that position at your current workplace. The leading positions include security, inventory and packaging, management, security, cultivation experts and a range of administrative roles.

Of course, they are in highest demand in Arizona, California, Colorado and Washington.

If you're looking to be employed in a marijuana-related field and you live or plan to live in a legal state, check out the leading weed industry job board,

You can create a free account, fill out your profile, search for your ideal position and apply to different companies directly through the website. As for business owners, you guys can pay just $25 to post positions.

Currently, is the most dependable source to find employment in the pot industry, but we will continue to see listings and headhunters surfacing as more states legalize recreational marijuana.

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