I Just Want To Be Successful

It's amazing what a human being can accomplish, the power that lies within us all. Interestingly enough, not many of us acknowledge that power — or perhaps many just never figure out how to tap into it.

Not so long ago, I had a brief conversation with a colleague of mine that really piqued my interest: He asserted his belief that since God dwells in each person and since we are all created in his image, we are all somehow semi-gods. Though I don't intend for this article to ignite a spiritual debate, when he said that, I felt a longing that made me explore the idea for further consideration.

To accomplish any goal, one must remain focused. We've seen this concept emphasized in many anecdotes throughout time — beginning with biblical characters, moving on to fables relayed to us by our parents and finally, in common stories amongst our peers. How many times though, have we equated these scenarios with something that we are actually personally trying to achieve? I can speak for myself and admit the answer is slim to none, but what if we did?

What if we treated every project like it was the first? What if you waltzed into your office and acted like an intern, thirsty for knowledge and hoping to make a lasting impression? However, most people don't think like that. They dread going to work; they seek Friday on a Monday, and who can blame them? Well, I can. After all, it is because of this apathy that many of us will never reach our full potential, that our lights begin to dim, until finally, we are nothing but mere shadows cast upon this earth.

Stay Hungry.

Complacency is a key ingredient in a dream killing equation. No matter what you have achieved, you should always strive for the next peak and it is very important to transcend any barrier that impedes your advancement. Barriers are prevalent in this world. They can be in the form of family, friends, finances or any other life aspect.

Don't ever be afraid to abandon a vice for the sake of pursuing your dream, and never allow anyone to become a burden of guilt. Those who truly love you will sympathize with your cause and will wait for you, pending your accomplishments.

Separate From The Crowd.

A lot of what attaining a particular requires is focus. It has been proven that many of our predecessors had to be isolated from the crowd to reach their personal pinnacle of achievement. Look around you: much of what you see has the potential to distract you. For this reason, solitude is often paramount for the growth that is necessary for a person to evolve.

So, separate from the crowd and amass a wealth of knowledge, independence and understanding about yourself and the world around you. Perhaps, when you return to civilization, you will have forgotten the person you once were. Though you can never forget what you've done, you can adapt and carry on. Be rare.


Listening is one of mankind's forgotten attributes. Most people are so preoccupied with formulating a response that they forget to listen and interpret what's being said. Like many of you reading this article, instead of internalizing the content, perhaps you are thinking to yourself that you disagree or that certain tips don’t apply to you. Have an open mind and explore the perspectives of other people — you may discover new principles that yield enlightenment.

Be appreciative.

Being appreciative is difficult when pursuing a goal. Most energy is devoted to focusing on the final objective, rather than the process of reaching it. Adding insult to injury, society programs us to feel negative energy. We tend to feed off failure. If you don't agree, consider how often people root for the underdog or for the fallen star. Humans don't know how to cope with perfection; none of us can relate. My advice? Love what you have while you have it.

Drop The Fear Of Failure.

Fear is a paralyzing element — one of the most difficult concepts to evade. Ideas are lost, movements are immobilized and perseverance is crushed. It took me a long time to realize that this was a lot of the problem. The truth is, you can't be afraid to fail in the search of perfection. You miss all of the shots that you do not take.

Maybe you've seen someone try and fail, but are you going to base what you are off what someone else isn't? We are all connected, so when someone else succeeds, we all share in it. Take pride.

Whatever goal you intend to pursue will take time, patience, faith and most importantly, work. You may fail 10 times before you prevail on the eleventh, but remember that the struggle is divine. Keep your eyes on the prize and do what you have to do.

Photo credit: Shutterstock