Lauren Davis


Lauren has had a consummate life at the young age of 25. She is a former Junior Olympian as well as NCAA Division 1 Track and Field Athlete. Electing to utilize her brain rather than body, she has studied abroad, taught English, or lived in various countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, China, Poland, Ukraine, and South Korea, as well as having visited several others. She has recently taken on a position with a start-up consumer electronics company, athletically trains others and also tutors Spanish, due to her fluency. Having re-discovered her passion for writing, she loves to convey her philosophical thoughts via pen and pad.

Ladies, Take A Page From The Playbook And Date An Athlete

By Lauren Davis
I know what you're thinking, “Date an athlete? I'll pass.” Aside from the presumptions that society holds on women who date athletes, claiming that they are chasing fulfillment in the form of money, cars and clothes, I beg to present a case for the…