A Lesson In Love: 3 Traits That Should Describe The Relationship Between You And Your Partner

It may seem coincidental that in the dictionary, “ignorance” and “stupidity” sandwich “love.” After all, many would argue that this is a direct parallel to the sequential order of how love occurs in reality, as well.

Time and time again, we allow love to enter our hearts with dreamy eyes and longing spirits, only to result in emotional despair. However, love is coveted by even the coldest of hearts, pursued by the purest of souls and protected by the proudest of men.

Love is this beautiful, passionate universal concept that most of mankind perpetuates. We can expect it to nurture challenges and confusion.

While I do not pretend to have all the answers regarding this sensual sentiment, I can assuredly say that love revives my life daily. It yields purpose, desire, strength, solace, healing and power.

It is worth fighting for, crying for and trying for, because without it, we are lost.


One of the most difficult elements of true love is allowing for connections. While this can pose some apprehension, you simply must let your guard down to welcome love in.

Believe you are worthy of being loved. Do this not only for your partner, but also for yourself. Be courageous enough to embrace your flaws; a loving partner will gently kiss away your shame.

Although love in its purest form will yield excruciating vulnerability, attempting to love someone without tapping into your own susceptibility will be unproductive.

You must allow yourself to feel and be felt holistically; what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. Relinquish the notion of shame and embrace the ability to bridge a divine connection. Life is more of a duet, less like a solo.


I was speaking to one of my wealthy clients about career paths and the associated stress work brings. Her husband happened to be in the oil and gas industry, which was very lucrative for their family.

What surprised me most about this particular client was the support she maintained for her husband. She confided in me that many of his colleagues were getting laid off and that job security was scarce.

When I asked about her feelings on said situation, she quietly laughed and said she wasn't worried at all. My facial expression must have been one of mere shock when she said, "We'll just sell the house and I'll be a waitress or something; it'll be fine." I was baffled.

Of course I didn't expect her to divorce her husband after going broke, but I also did not expect the nonchalance with which she regarded their financial security.

That's when I realized that true love exceeds the desires for wealth and security. It is characterized by unselfish loyalty, support and inseparability.

Inspire your partner to achieve all of his or her ambitions and dreams, but stay faithful if they fall short; every individual needs a spine — be a backbone.


I selected this word to evoke the life you and your partner should share. This means acquiring every detail about the other person and perfecting the opportunity to elicit his or her happiness.

This applies to the bedroom experience, being able to detect his or her moods and most importantly, fostering an inseparable bond and friendship.

You should be able to nearly read your partner's mind. Be your partner's favorite person. When you are together, your heart should beat double time.

Get lost in the magic of his or her touch, expression, scent and all of the gaieties. After you satiate yourself, learn to appreciate these qualities and what he or she brings to your life. The present is a gift; never take the love and time you share together for granted.

When you keep these phenomena in perspective, together you can surpass anything. Share your visions, ignite your ambitions and surrender your apprehensions.

Do not be dismayed if love has yet to engulf you. Love is less about seeking and more about finding. Once found, take pride and comfort in the discovery of eternal partnership and bliss.

Photo via We Heart It