Why You Need To Have The Eye Of The Tiger

Everyone on planet earth has seen the movie “Rocky” and has heard the famed song that constantly plays throughout the movie. You heard the lyrics and you saw one of the greatest training sequences that evented in the epic knock out of big mutant Russian dudes -- because Rocky had the eye of the tiger. It’s about getting knocked down, but getting back up again and letting no one keep you down. That is what life is about.

Sure it might sound cheesy, but if you ask any successful person they will tell you it’s about falling down seven times and standing up eight times. Most people will stay down on their seventh fall, whereas only the greats will rise up for their eighth stand. That’s the eye of the tiger in action. It’s setting your eyes on the prize and going for it. It has fierce results. When you have the eye of the tiger, you know it. You’re unstoppable.

You need to have the eye of the tiger to get you through life and to get you to where you want to be. It’s about being completely obsessed and ruthless about ending up on top; it’s about turning every opportunity into a reality rather than sitting there and complaining.

Anyone who knows the story of 50 Cent will tell you that when he was on the cusp of making it, he didn't sleep. He was so obsessed and passionate about what he was doing and that he felt his chance was here that he couldn't bear to waste his time with his eyes closed. When asked about this he said, “When you have a chance to turn a dream into a reality, you won't sleep either."

Having this eye of the tiger is what will get you there. It’s not the eye of the sheep, making you second-guess everything and afraid of the outcome. It’s the tiger’s eye that gives you the conviction, belief and will power along with ability to do everything you need to do to make it happen. That is how people become successful.

Inside Out

The eye of the tiger comes from deep inside of you. Everyone has it, but it is up to you to bring it out of you. And it goes hand in hand with doing what you love. Why do you think athletes train so much, or that artists paint so much? Because they love it and they know that practice will make perfect. Don't look on the outside for it, but on the inside. It is about having the heart and fighting for what you want out of this world. You are the only one that can find and bring it out of you. The question is do you have the courage to do so?

Mental Pussy

Coaches will always tell you that when you don't give your full effort and push yourself beyond your limitations, you are a mental pussy. You are letting your mind tell you that you can't. My coach once taught me two lessons: being tired is just an illusion your mind creates and that you can always push yourself further than you originally thought, it just all comes down to how much you want to give to get.

When you allow your mental pussy to take over you, you give up before the fight is even over. Good guys finish last and not because they didn’t have the skills. It wasn’t because they didn’t have the physical strengths. It was because they didn’t have heart.

They didn’t have mental toughness. When the going got tough, they surrendered. Once you give up mentally, what’s left? Your body will be more than happy to surrender. Remember, it’s what your mind can conceive that your body will achieve. Don’t be a mental pussy.

Intestinal Fortitude

It’s the ability not to give up, being relentless and having the drive from deep inside of you. The truth is not everyone has intestinal fortitude. They don't know how to jump a hurdle or tear a wall down. Instead they just stop when they see any hardship and second-guess themselves. They give up because they are weak.

They are worried about failure and they are worried about being judged by others so their fear overrides their courage, which is the problem with humanity. People expect things to happen perfectly and when they don't, they don't know how to deal with it and give up -- but those who are made out of steel will never stop. There’s plenty of time to rest, after you’re gone.

What It’s Like to Give It All You’ve Got

You know that point where you just can’t give anymore? That’s not it. It’s past that. Its about having a target, but aiming past that target so even if you fall short, you still hit your mark. Once you know how to control your aim and the right place to set your target, you will flourish.

When you are giving it all that you have, you are telling yourself that you think you can. And that is stronger than any skill set or talent anyone can have. You’re fully engaged. It’s just you and the challenge before you. Your challenge looks you in the eyes…and your eye of the tiger looks back to show it that you are fearless and can conquer anything. It’s about feeling larger than life if you want to be extraordinary.

It’s more than your entire prowess. It’s more than your mind, body and heart. It’s more than the sum of your strengths. The mountain before you flinches and gets ready to move out of your way.

Remember The Feeling

Understanding that this feeling is something that will propel you to where you want to get in life, will allow you to bring the correct energy into every approach that you have. I remember being younger and being lazy, and I hated running during basketball practice.

I dreaded it, but I was forced to give it my all and once I understood that the only person I am cheating is myself, my entire outlook changed. The feeling was up there with any sex I have ever had…and I have had threesomes in some weird countries. It was that very feeling that I constantly remember when I approach everything I do in life. It’s the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

For me it’s basketball in high school that reminds me of the feeling of having the eye of the tiger and never being afraid to do or take on anything…and I have carried it over into my professional life. For you it could be anything, whether it was a song, the first time you worked out at the gym or one of your favorite movies.

It is about finding what moves you and gives you that feeling to ignite the fire deep within you. It is your fuel and it is a lot cheaper than 5 dollars a gallon and doesn’t smell like shit.

It’s A Choice

What if you just can’t find your eye of the tiger? What if you looked inside and all you find is a pussy? Fine…start small. Even the mighty Oak was once a sapling. At the same time, maybe you just need to kick your courageous arse in gear. Find your catalyst. Get it in gear. If you get knocked down, get up again. Success is all about getting up to bat more often.

Not every ball needs to get knocked out of the park. Remember that it’s not how many times in life you get knocked down; it’s how many times you get back up. Most importantly, remember that your eye of the tiger is a choice. It’s like a muscle. The more you flex it, the stronger it gets.

Have the eye of the tiger and stay elite, you won't regret it I promise you that.

Preston Waters | Elite.