How Clarity Will Catalyze Your Success

People today feel lost. They’re unsure about where they want their lives to go, they don't feel confident in the direction they’re taking and they are afraid to take the leap of faith to catalyze the extraordinary changes in life. They haven’t established enough clarity to take them where they want to go.

Clarity is power, ladies and gentlemen, and it is what you need to stand firm in order to get to where you want. People who are lost will always be lost, because they look for distractions and excuses rather than answers. The only way to find your way out is with decisive actions and a clear mindset as to how you want your life to play out.

I have had tons of people come to me lost and without direction -- and I have told them that they need to establish a clear directive when it comes to their future plans. Yet very few embrace the advice and the others procrastinate and push it back because they are too afraid to create a sense of clarity in their minds -- they are too afraid to take a risk because they don't believe in themselves or their abilities.

To make a difference in your life, you have to understand the distinction between “musts” and “shoulds.” To live an extraordinary life with fulfillment, you must condition yourself to be in the highest state of mind. Whatever you focus on tends to develop because that’s where you are sending your energy.

Life will essentially pay any price you ask of it. But you have to ask intelligently. It’s not just saying that you want seven boats and a private jet. It’s not: bitch and you shall get or whine and you will get.

It’s about inducing lucidity in your life -- because that is power. When you achieve that discipline, your life will be like a missile with a GPS system. The right questions will reveal the best answers. It’s about asking life specifically for what you want, and when you are clear about your goals, you will start moving toward them.

When you decide what is most important to you in your life and keep your path clear, there are no obstacles in your way. People who are lost stay lost because they have not decided what it important to them and they have not structured their lives accordingly. They wait for the answers to drop from the sky, but never ask the questions.

Life is about where you are now and understanding where you want to go. Having a clear picture in your mind is what will get you there – that’s the process that everyone before you endured to get to where they are. It didn't just happen with some luck, it came with a practiced mindset and indelible clarity that they managed to set in stone and utilize throughout their paths to success.

It’s about the result that they want; they know exactly what it is. When people are too general about things they have an over-stimulated environment and have no specific goals to which they aspire. When you know what you want, you become fulfilled because you have direction.

After defining goals you need to develop purpose. As soon as you come up with an objective, in order to triumph over the obstacles, you need to have the emotional strength to follow through. Reasons come first and answers come second.

When asking life, you must ask specifically -- and if you don't have enough reasons to make it happen, you won't be able to do it. It’s about discovering what it really takes and using your reasons to push you forward through all the hurdles in your way. It’s the juice and fuel that powers you through.

Finally comes the massive action plan. It encourages the adaptability of multiple plans and gets you to the finish line. If we’re going to be extraordinary in our results, then we must be in an extraordinary state and the three step process described above is what so many have used before you to get to where they wanted. Essentially, it is rooted in your clarity.

It is about actually being an achiever, having clear and committed goals and knowing exactly what you want out of life. So many people are afraid to ask because they don't have the courage to apply themselves. You need to believe in yourself and your ability; self-esteem and self-efficacy go hand in hand.

It’s about understanding how to be resourceful rather than complaining about not having the necessary resources. It’s using your strengths to excel and building upon your weaknesses to turn them into strengths rather than dragging them around with you while on your journey.

It is also realizing that nothing is impossible and nothing is too crazy to actually try. Life will give you what you are clear about, but it’s your job to figure out exactly what it is that you want.

Preston Waters | Elite.